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Olympic & Paralympic Games Secured for Brisbane 2032


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board has announced that Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The decision was made on 21 July 2021 by a full member vote ahead of the start of the Tokyo games.

Olympic Games Concept – SEQ Region – Click to open
Olympic Games Concept – Brisbane – Click to open
Athletes Village – Northshore Hamilton PDA – North Brisbane
Athletes Village – Northshore Hamilton PDA – North Brisbane
Sunshine Coast Olympic Village

Gold Coast Olympic Village

The masterplan released months before outline the venues that had been selected to be upgrades and built, with zones for certain events within Queensland SEQ as well as Toowoomba, Townsville and Cairns.

The Preliminary economic, social and environment analysis report. prepared by KPMG indicates that $8.1 billion for Queensland, and $17.61 billion for Australia will be delivered in total benefits.

Herston RNA Showgrounds (EKKA) – Brisbane Inner City
Roma Street – Brisbane Live – Brisbane Inner City
Chandler Aquatic Centre – East Brisbane

Southbank – Brisbane Inner City
Southbank – Brisbane Inner City

1 – Brisbane Arena (new build, 15,000 capacity) – Aquatics (Swimming, Water Polo)
2 – Brisbane Football Stadium – Rugby, Football (finals)
3 – Brisbane Cricket Ground (new build, 50,000 capacity) – Athletics (Track and Field), Ceremonies
4 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre – Table Tennis, Fencing, Taekwondo, Badminton
5 – South Bank Cultural Forecourt – Archery
6 – South Bank Piazza – 3 x 3 Basketball
7 – Victoria Park – Cycling (BMX Freestyle), Equestrian (Cross Country)
8 – Brisbane Showgrounds – Equestrian
9 – Ballymore Stadium – Hockey
10 – Brisbane Indoor Sports Centre – Basketball
11 – Brisbane International Shooting Centre – Shooting
12 – Anna Meares Velodrome – Cycling (Track), Cycling (BMX Racing)
13 – Brisbane Aquatics Centre (existing, 4,300 capacity) – Aquatics (Diving, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo [preliminaries])
14 – Chandler Indoor Sports Centre – Gymnastics
15 – Redland Whitewater Centre – Canoe (Slalom)
16 – Manly Boat – Harbour Sailing
17 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre – Handball
19 – Queensland Tennis Centre – Tennis
18 – Moreton Bay Indoor Sports Centre – Boxing
21 – Wyaralong Flatwater Centre – Rowing, Canoe (Sprint)

Southbank – Brisbane Inner City
Woolloongabba – East Brisbane

Redland – East of Brisbane
Tennyson – South Brisbane
Lake Wyaralong – South of Brisbane
Ipswich Stadium – West of Brisbane

22 – Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre – Volleyball, Weightlifting
23 – Broadbeach Park Stadium – Volleyball (Beach)
24 – Royal Pines Resort- Golf
25 – Gold Coast Sports & Leisure Centre  – Judo, Wrestling
26 – Coomera Indoor Sports Centre – Volleyball
27 – Broadwater Parklands – Triathlon, Aquatics (Swimming Marathon)
28 – Gold Coast Stadium – Football (preliminaries/QF)

Boondall Entertainment Centre – North Brisbane
Moreton Bay – North of Brisbane
Manly Boat Harbour – East Brisbane
Chandler – East Brisbane

29 – Sunshine Coast Indoor Sports Centre – Basketball (preliminaries)
30 – Sunshine Coast Stadium – Football (preliminaries/QF)
31 – Alexandra Headland – Cycling (Road), Athletics (Marathon, Race Walks),
Sailing (Kiteboarding)
32 – Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Centre – Cycling (Mountain Bike)

Herston Victoria Parkland – Brisbane Inner City
Suncorp (Lang Park) – Brisbane Inner City
Brisbane Shotting Centre – East Brisbane
Chandler – East Brisbane
Chandler – East Brisbane
Chandler – East Brisbane

The Brisbane bid includes a break even approach to the 2032 Olympic Game, using existing stadiums across multiple South East Queensland venues. Other east coast of Australia sites have been used also for football preliminaries.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said “We already have 85 per cent of the venues at the moment. It’s a new norm, which means it’s a game changer.”

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Media Statement: AOC Welcomes Date With Destiny With Brisbane 2032 
Images: Documents released

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