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Olympic International Broadcast Centre 2032 – Kurilpa, South Brisbane


A riverfront site within Brisbane’s inner south has been selected as the prime location to build the International Broadcast Centre for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Parmalat Milk Factory is the selected site that will be transformed from industrial land and into the new facility and post games will be reverted to an extension of the waterfront parkland at South Brisbane

The site will is in walking distance to the temporary venues around the South Brisbane and Southbank vicinity. The site will be purchased by the Brisbane City Council and transformed into approximately 60,000sqm temporary space for the media covering the Olympics, then converted to parkland after the games.

Brisbane City Council’s draft Kurilpa Masterplan

Brisbane City Council’s draft Kurilpa Masterplan

Adrian Schrinner, the Brisbane lord mayor confirmed that the proposed site was part of the Kurilpa Riverfront new riverfront upgrade, which the Brisbane City Council has been master planning for a number of years.

“For a decade and more, people have talked about South Bank being extended along this part of our river and I am so pleased we’re now moving forward to make those dreams become a reality”.

“World Expo ‘88 was the catalyst for the creation of South Bank and now Brisbane 2032 will facilitate the next phase of this evolution,” Schrinner said.

Brisbane City Council confirm negotiations are underway to secure the prime industrial site, that could include new public space, dining, retail and entertainment uses along the river front to align with the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal Master-Plan

Brisbane City Council’s draft Kurilpa Masterplan
Concept Image – draft Kurilpa Masterplan

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