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Mixed Use Development – Old Cleveland Road, Camp Hill


The development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings, Retail and Office, located at 559-571 Old Cleveland Road & 5 Princess Street, Camp Hill.

Designed by Idearchitecture, the proposal seeks forty two (42) medium density units, six (6) retail tenancies and eighteen (18) office tenancies within two (2) mixed use building that have a maximum building height of 6 storeys. One of the existing dwellings will be retained, with the corner dwelling, shops and office buildings to be removed to facilitate the redevelopment.

The proposal has been designed to accommodate the change in the zoning through the middle of the site, reducing the height bulk and scale from Old Cleveland Road to the adjoining dwelling.

Development Details
– Eleven (11) x1 bedroom units
– Twenty five (25) x2 bedroom units
– Five (5) x3 bedroom units
– Six (6) retail tenancies
– Eighteen (18) office tenancies

The proposed development provides private open space in the form of balconies for every unit. 270sqm of communal open space is provided on the rooftop. The communal open space area for residents consists of a large outdoor terrace, shaded outdoor kitchen, dining and seating area.

The proposal contains 149 car parking spaces (51 residential, 7 visitors, 37 retail and 54 office spaces) are provided within the 2 basement levels. Pedestrian access is provided via Old Cleveland Road and vehicle access is provides to Princess Street. The retained house is provided is own private pedestrian access to Princess Street

The planners at B Planned & Surveyed state, The residential setbacks provided are intended to maintain the rhythm and pattern of the streetscape. Old Cleveland Road consists of character strip centres which each utilise 0m side setbacks to each other. Development respects and continues this development pattern by providing a built form which integrates with existing centres within Old Cleveland Road through a 0m wide setback. Providing greater building separation would undermine the character of this strip centre and provide a negative design outcome”.

The proposal includes 5,922sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 80.6% of site cover over the 2,712sqm subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 25 July 2019
– Council Reference: A005247703
– Address: 559-571 Old Cleveland Road & 5 Princess Street, Camp Hill
– Zone: Low-medium Density Residential and Neighbourhood Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Town Planning Report: B Planned & Surveyed
– Architecture Drawings: Idearchitecture
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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