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Office Tower & Cafes – Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton


A development application has been lodged for offices, restaurants, cafes and retail tenancies, located at 12 Hercules Street and 485 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton.

Designed by COX Architecture, the proposal seeks a fourteen (14) storey office building that co-locates ground floor tenancies and additional smaller office space within the four (4) storey podium.  The ground floor provides an open building foyer with three (3) cafe/restaurant tenancies and an office lobby. The land is currently used as an informal car park and will be removed to facilitate the proposed redevelopment.

Communal gathering activation spaces are found on the fourth podium level providing a terrace recreational area and the landscaped ground level. Pedestrian cross-block connections provide ease of passage in multiple directions across the site. The open rooftop terrace provides views of Kingsford Smith Drive and Northshore Way.

Development Details
– Office space (approx. 14,659sqm in total)
– Food and drink outlet (287sqm)
– Rooftop Terrace area
– 14 storeys
– 1 Basement and 4 podium levels
– 170 car parking spaces

The proposal provides 47 car parking both the three basements. Vehicle and pedestrian access will be from Kyabra Street.

The planners at RPS Group state, “The design of the building is contemporary including a number of modern elements to visually enhance the space and orientation of the building being located on a corner. Specifically, the building has been oriented to ensure the podium car parking is located on the less prominent corner. In addition, the building incorporates greenery on the façade of the building through well designed landscaping elements on the sleeve of the podium”.

A proposed seeks 15,178sqm of gross floor area on a 2,325sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 8 June 2022
– EDQ  Reference: DEV2022/1284
– Address: 12 Hercules Street and 485 Kingsford Smith Drive, Hamilton.
– Zone: Mixed Use
– Precinct: Precinct 2: Habour Road
– Application Report: RPS Group
– Architect Drawings: COX Architecture
– Landscape Architect: Matthew Higginson Landscape Architecture
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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