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North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct – Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill


A development application has been lodged for a new Hotel, Garden Centre, Health Care Services, Function Facility and Market, located on the corner of Diamond Jubilee Way and Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill.

Lablled the ‘North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct’, the proposal provides two (2) buildings positioned along Anzac Avenue, with retail on the ground level and open space to the rear.

Designed by Open Architecture Studio, the proposal seeks a five (5) storey eco-hotel with 112 rooms and a three (3) storey naturopathy centre to cater for home, garden and health care. The proposal also incudes a farmer’s market, a wildlife rehabilitation shelter facility, community food gardens and a range of recreational areas and events and function space.

Lablled the ‘North Lakes Eco-Lifestyle Precinct’, the proposal provides two (2) buildings positioned along Anzac Avenue, with retail on the ground level and open space to the rear.

Development Details
– Short-Term Accommodation (5,212sqm)
– Garden Centre (4,382sqm)
– Health Care Services (457sqm)
– Function Facility (433sqm)
– Market (737sqm)

Home, Garden and Naturopathy Centre
– 5,272sqm of gross floor area
– 3 storey (12.9 metres above natural ground level)
– Naturopathy clinic tenancy on Level 1 (457sqm of total GFA)
– Indoor café;
– “Garden to table” dining and community space;
– Café garden;
– Kiosks for a juice and snack bar and florist;
– Organic food and community shed.

Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

Short-Term Accommodation and Wellbeing Retreat
– 5,186sqm eco-hotel
– 112 rooms short-term stay
– Five (5) storeys (21 metres above natural ground level)
– Ancillary natural therapies and day spa
– Communal outdoor yoga platform, seating area, lawn and firepit

Educational Gardens, Markets and Event Spaces
– Community run recreational spaces t
– 737sqm farmers market area and food trucks
– Cabanas (39sqm)
– Band Stand (74sqm)
– Wildlife rehabilitation aviary facility (23sqm)
– Band stand;
– Event lawn (which is used to hold the farmer’s market stalls);
– Nature walks;
– Children play area;
– Outdoor covered event space;
– Educational gardens (garden waste composting drop off area)
– Food trucks (proposed to operate from the internal road).

Revegetation Corridor
–  North-western portion of the site is dedicated for creek restoration
– Approximately 7,921sqm will the revegetated

The planners at Urbis state “the home, garden and health care centre building has also been designed close to the alignment of Kinsellas Road and Anzac Avenue to establish a corner landmark. Height in this location is less than the eco-hotel, which provides a sensitive transition to the open space and lower-density uses along Kinsellas Road and south of Diamond Jubilee Way”.

“Sufficient setbacks are proposed between the home, garden and health care centre and eco-hotel buildings to ensure a high level of amenity and mitigate direct overlooking into habitable spaces. Views through the carpark and arrival forecourt, along with the on-site landscaping, break up the overall building mass and provide visual interest when viewed from properties across Anzac Avenue”.

The proposal provides 233 car park spaces within the basement and ground floor levels. Vehicle access for both buildings is proposed to Kinsella Road and Anzac Aveue via five driveways.

The proposal provides 11,221sqm of gross floor area (GFA) on the 24,560sqm (2.4ha) subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 15 December 2021
– Council Reference: DA/2021/5089
– Address: Diamond Jubilee Way and Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill
– Zone: General Residential
– Precinct: Next Generation Neighbourhood
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Open Architecture Studio
– Landscaping: Lat27
– Interactive Image: Google Street view and Aerial

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