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8 Residential Towers in Masterplan – Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead


A development application has been lodged for a preliminary approval to vary the Brisbane CityPlan 2014 and seek approval for a new master plan residential development, located at 99 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead.

Named ‘Newstead Green’, the new masterplan seeks to vary the zoning of the existing Subaru, Honda, Ford Showrooms and Mazda Service Centre contained on the site and will be removed all showrooms, office and structures from the site to faciliate the redevelopment.

Once approved the proposed masterplan designed by Bureau^Proberts  seeks to provide for up to eight (8) residential towers, ranging from 14 – 18 storeys, supported by landscaping recreated areas between the buildings located on the ground floor.

The 4 storey podium levels are indicated to contain showrooms, shops and retail as well as parking, with a maximum of 2 levels of basement provided across the 1.807 hectare site.

The proposal seeks the density that will be able to provide a mix of residential units for approximately 1,500 people in two stages to address the short/long term market considtions for this suburb undergoing large urban renewal. A large cross block pedestrian arcade feature will link Evelyn Street and Maud Street, opening up the internal site to building frontage activation.

Proposed Masterplan – click to open

Ground Floor Plan
First Level of Podium

The planners at Gaskell Planning Consultants state, “The podium form is consistent with urban renewal projects in the Newstead/ Teneriffe/ Fortitude Valley including the Newstead Riverpark area, where many urban renewal projects contain podiums of approximately four to five storeys. The podium form provides an ideal response for the site to enable building that is scaled and activated to the street level, large floor plate car parking and uses across the site, and an opportunity to maximise site redevelopment in an integrated way”.

The podium form allows for different uses to be located at or close to street level to provide for a pedestrian scale, active uses and a coordinated architectural feature integrating the whole site redevelopment. The podium form enables multi use opportunities including large floor plate uses and
uses that can be pushed to the street edges to create activation and architectural interest.”

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 1 December 2021
– Council Reference: A005894228
– Address: 99 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead
– Zone: Low impact industry
– Neighbourhood Plan: Newstead north
– Planning Report: Gaskell Planning Consultants
– Master Plan Design: Bureau^Proberts
– Urban Design Report: Bureau^Proberts
– Landscape Masterplan: Wild Studio

– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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