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New Council Library – South Pine Road, Everton Park


A development application has been lodged for a new Library, located at 555 – 573 South Pine Road, 30 Fallon Street, and 13 Stellmach Street, Everton Park.

Demolition Plan

Designed by bureau^proberts on behalf of the Brisbane City Council, the proposal seeks to provide a new two storey library with a maximum building height of 11.5m over the existing library site. The new larger library will extend over the adjoining properties, with the 3 dwellings to be removed to facilitate the project.

The existing library on the site will be demolished over three stages to allow the library to remain open until completion.

Stage 1
Building works (Partial demolition in Overland flow planning area)
– Existing library partially demolished
– New walls and fittings to allow the library to operate.
– Removal of the 3 existing dwellings
– Demolition of linked footpaths.

Stage 2
– New Community use (Library)
– Subdivision (amalgamation of 7 lots into 2 and access easement)
– Construction of the library
– Driveway access and parking
– New footpaths
– Landscaping and civil works across the site.

Stage 3
– Building works (Demolition in Overland flow planning area)
– Demolition of the retained existing library
– New footpaths and landscaping.

First Floor Plan

Library Details
• Library area (600sqm)
• Staff offices and amenities (140sqm)
• 2 x Meeting rooms (135sqm)
• Children’s area (80sqm)
• Quiet room (55sqm)
• Storage area (15sqm)

The proposal includes 8 bicycle parks, 40 car parks (including 3 disability spaces) and 1 van parking spaces within the ground floor and under-croft car park. Vehicle access is proposed via a new internal driveway to the existing driveway and car park of the Everton Park Bowls Club, with a crossover to Gearside Street. Pedestrian connections are provided throughout the site.

The planners at Mecone state, “The proposed development provides for a significant, architecturally designed community asset which is easily accessible for the residents of Everton Park. In addition to traditional library services, the proposed development will incorporate meeting/ function spaces and large break out spaces for community use and activities. Strategically located adjoining the Everton Park Bowls Club, Fallon Cottage, and Fallon Park, the new facility will contribute to a hub that services the broader community”.

The proposal includes 1,079sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 1,636sqm of site cover over the 2,445sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 12 July 2021
– Council Reference: A005781213
– Address: 555 – 573 South Pine Road, 30 Fallon Street, and 13 Stellmach Street, Everton Park
– Zone: Low medium density residential and Community facilities
– Neighbourhood Plan: Everton Park
– Application Report: Mecone
– Design Drawings: bureau^proberts
– Landscape Drawings: Wild Studio Australia
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

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