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Neighbourhood Growth Plan – Morayfield & Caboolture


The Moreton Bay Regional Council has commenced the investigation of an area of land that includes parts of Caboolture South, Morayfield and Upper Caboolture.

The Local Council outlines that the Caboolture West project and Morayfield South growth areas are excluded from the investigation area, as they will be assessed through separate planning processes.

Jodie Shipway, Acting Mayor outlined that this plan is formalised it would help shape the look and feel of Morayfield, Upper Caboolture and Caboolture South in the wake of major growth in the region.

“Moreton Bay is the fifth fastest growing Council area in Australia and plenty of that growth will happen in and around the Morayfield area over the next 40 years,” she said.

“But that doesn’t mean Morayfield needs to lose its current day characteristics or unique features in order to cater for that growth.

“We’re creating the Morayfield Neighbourhood Plan with the help of the community to ensure Morayfield is a place that locals and future locals want to live, work and play for many years to come.

“Make no mistake, this is not a beautification project though.

“This is about ensuring Council’s planning scheme reflects the wants and needs of residents over the long-term, so that we can get better outcomes from future development applications in the area.

“That could mean changing the zoning of certain areas, amending building height restrictions, or ensuring better connections around our commercial areas, parks, and other services.”

“This will set a long-term vision for the area and will have a direct impact on planning and development outcomes for many years to come.”

The local council outlines that the project growth area will need to accommodate an additional 15,900 people by 2041 and raise the population to 49,200 residents. It is due to this increase that the local council has considered a Neighbourhood Plan for the area to better guide development to accommodate the growth and provide unique neighbourhood design and character.

Councillor Adam Hain (Div 3) said this will not only prepare our local communities for future growth but preserve the existing individual characteristics that make the Morayfield area unique.

“Morayfield has risen to become a bustling commercial and residential hub of Moreton Bay over the past 20 years, and now we’re going through another period of growth and change with plenty of young families moving into the area,” he said.

“We want to make sure that our planning for the next 10-20 years reflects the expectations of the community so we can build a future for our children to grow.”

Mark Booth, Councillor (Div 2) said Morayfield has a key role to play if Moreton Bay Regional Council transitions into a City.

“Morayfield has long been one of the main urban centres of Moreton Bay, but it will be even more pivotal if we move toward a polycentric City”.

“Many people from the northern part of our region visit Morayfield for their retail shopping, to see health professionals and other services, so it’s important that our planning reflects their needs,” he said.

It is outlined that change to population growth is inevitable and there is a requirement to address localised planning via a change or improvement to regulating new development over a 5- 10 year timeframe. This process also needs community consultation for the areas to be affected and discussions regarding population growth, local character and improving places to live.

Tony Latter, Councillor (Div 12) urged all residents to take part in the community feedback process to ensure their voices are heard.

“Council is currently working through our first Neighbourhood Plan which was trialled in Kallangur and Dakabin, but I’m expecting to see different responses for the Morayfield area”.

“We want to hear what matters to you which is why Council officers will be out and about in the community talking to residents face-to-face and there are ways to have your say online from April 19.

“Please make sure you have your say so we can build a better future for you and your children to enjoy for decades to come,” he said.

Infrastructure Projects
To accommodate the expected population growth, the council has been planning numerous projects over the short, medium and long term future, which include:
– Transport: to improve connectivity, increase safety and ease traffic congestion
– New parks: to provide more green space and recreational facilities
– Active transport: to improve bikeways and pathways connections and increase safety
– Waterway rehabilitation: to improve water quality and re-establish natural ecosystems.

Infrastructure Projects

Key stakeholders and residents have the opportunity to provide feedback during the community consultation now open between Tuesday 19 April and Tuesday 24 May 2022 in the following ways:
– Complete the community survey
– Drop a pin in the interactive map
– Attend a pop-up display in the area and talk to our team.
– Nominate to be part of the Community Reference Group

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– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

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