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Neighbourhood Centre Redevelopment – Sandgate Road, Clayfield


A development application has been lodged for the redevelopment and rejuvenation of the Clayfield Villagio Shopping Centre, located at 830-832 Sandgate Road and 139 Junction Road, Clayfield.

Demolition Plan – Building B

Designed by Feather and Lawry Design, the proposal seeks the demolition of the single storey building fronting Sandgate Road and retention of the building fronting Junction Road as part of the retail neighbourhood centre redevelopment. The proposed new buildings will  provide a variety of retail, office, shops and restaurant tenancies in an expanded neighbourhood centre.

Ground floor retail tenancies will front the internal arcade that will provide for an outdoor alfresco dining. A raised pedestrian crossing will provide safe access from the existing retail buildings to the newly proposed.

Proposed Layout

A  rooftop deck will be placed along the Sandgate Road frontages, which will be accessible from a circular staircase/lift and walkway bridge across the arcade to connected retail buildings.

The contemporary architecturally designed buildings provides a unique facade, landscaping and strong visual presence from the street frontages of the corner site.

A new slip lane and vehicle entrance is sought from Sandgate Road that provides access to the basement car parking, loading area and ancillary ground floor car parking spaces.

Retained Existing Buildings
New Second Floor Layout
New Ground Floor Layout

Development Details
– Demolish single storey commercial tenancy
– Demolish hardstand area, landscaping and signage
– Demolished existing car parking area

Retail / Neighbourhood Centre Amendments
– Retain Building A (1,000sqm GFA)
– 4x New Buildings (1,659sqm GFA)
– New Shopping Arcade
– New Rooftop Deck
– New Amenities, Stairs and Lift
– New Travellators
– New Outdoor seating area
– 13 ground floor car parks with two (2) PWD spaces
– 5 residential unit car parking spaces
– 75 basement car parking spaces
– New loading dock
– pedestrian connections and elevated walkway bridge
– New travelator, seating and landscaping
– New vehicle access from Sandgate Road
– Retain five (5) units in the second storey of the retained building.

The proposal seeks add 50 new car parking spaces in the new layout, providing an 93 car parking across the site. The Junction Road vehicle access is retained, with a new vehicle access is provided from Sandgate Road and a new pedestrian entrance and arcade plaza space provided from the corner of the road intersection.

The planners at Planning Initiatives state, “the proposed extension has been designed and sites to minimise any impacts on residents consistent with its location in the Neighbourhood centre zone. The proposal will provide additional car parking, improved services and loading areas, reduced the area of hardstand and increase landscaping to the site. The proposed layout provides clear and direct pedestrian pathways which are safe and easily accessible supported by an improved vehicular circulation system which is safer and more convenient to navigate. The overall layout includes pedestrian linkages and new pedestrian and vehicle access will result in a better integrated site. The design will significantly enhance the site and the location which at present is dominated by car parking and signage at this corner”.

The proposal adds another 966sqm of gross floor area (GFA), increading the overall GFA to 2,659sqm once completed.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 4 March 2022
– Council Reference: A005959658
– Address: 830-832 Sandgate Road and 139 Junction Road, Clayfield
– Zone: Neighbourhood Centre and Low Medium Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Clayfield – Wooloowong District
– Application Report: Planning Initiatives
– Design Drawings: Feather and Lawry Design
– Landscape Drawings: ASPECT Studios
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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