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Neighbourhood Centre Construction Begins – Brays Road, Griffin


The construction of the new Griffin Neighbourhood Centre is set to begin, with the announcement of the new intersection upgrade for Brays Road and Cairns Road and the new road that will service the new urban village in Griffin.

The Freshwater Hub development in Griffin is set to commence roadworks construction in 2022, providing housing to the north, a shopping village and a Parkland area (including a produce farm) in north Brisbane.

The planners at Landpartners said “The proposed development has been designed to create an urban village atmosphere, promoting active frontages, providing an iconic corner treatment of Brays Road and the new proposed road.”

The original development approval in November 2017 (Neighbourhood Village Approved) and an amended approval was granted in December 2020 and provided the current layout designed by CCN Architects and LandPartners, with the intersection upgrade designed by Pekol Traffic and Transport.

The approval includes a Mixed Use Retail Neighbourhood Centre, which includes Shopping Centre, Food and Drink Outlet, Health Care Services, Indoor Sport and Recreation, Office, Service Industry, Produce Farm and Shop land uses across four (4) stages.

The proposal retains the subdivision, allowing the proposed Supermarket and Specialty Tenancies to be created on separate lots within the Neighbourhood Centre. The critical details of the proposal are provided below.

Neighbourhood Centre
– Retail Zone (4,000 sqm)
– Plaza Zone incorporating Health Services (1,577sqm)
– Commercial Zone (1,800sqm)
– 17,870sqm site – Village, Farm and 2 Future use parcels
– Future bus stop
– External footpaths and cycle lanes
– Pedestrian access and crossings
– Landscaped boundaries
– Pylon sign
– 335 car park spaces
– 64 bike spaces

Retail Zone
– 3,160sqm Supermarket
– 200sqm Mezz Office
– 550sqm Tenancies (attached to the supermarket)
– 195 car parking spaces

Plaza Zone
– 900sqm Health Services FF
– 300sqm Retail/Food/Drink Tenancies
– 322sqm Food/Drink Outlets
– 55sqm Amenities
– 80 car parking spaces

Commercial Zone
– 1,400sqm Tenancies
– 400sqm Indoor Sport and Recreation

NB: These are approximate areas for the Freshwater hub.

Freshwater Hub will also provide additional community spaces around the retail stores at the following locations:

– Piazza: alfresco dining and entertainment space for live music
– Urban Arts Square: covered green space for community activities
– Leisure and Activity Centre: gym, swimming pool, restaurants and craft brewery
– Freshwater Farm: Adjacent to the site is 1ha of land for produce and planting
– Freshwater Park: 1.5ha parkland with walking tracks and recreational areas

To the north of the site is Freshwater Place, which is approved for 126 new lots for house and land packages being developed.

Stage 1 – Full-line Supermarket and Retail Tenancies
Stage 2a – 2x Tenancies
Stage 2b – Tenancy and Food and Beverage Tenancy
Stage 3 – Tenancy, Heath Services and 2x Food and Beverage Tenancies

The planners at  Landpartners , state that, “buildings and built form have been designed towards the external boundaries of the development site, to provide building facades and activation along the existing and approved road network. The bulk and scale of the approved centre remains through smaller buildings strategically positioned along the external boundary of the premises. Vehicular parking is proposed towards the centre of the subject site, to minimise impact on the external road network”.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
– Original application Date Approved: 7 November 2017
– Original Council Reference: 2016 / 31887 / V23C
– Change application Date Approved: 3 December 2020
– Change application approval Reference: DA/31887/2016/VCHG/1
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Address: Brays Road, Griffin
– Zone: Centre zone and Low-medium density residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Application Report: LandPartners
– Design Drawings: CCN Architects
– Traffic Engineers: Pekol Traffic and Transport
– Landscape Architects: Dunn and Moran Landscape Architects
– Media Release: New Roads coming to Griffin’s Freshwater Hub
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

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