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Mövenpick Hotel – Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill


Spring Hill in Brisbane has been chosen by Accor Pacific  and Keylin to open the first Mövenpick Hotel in Queensland. A development application lodged in December 2020 for Multiple Dwellings and Hotel was ultimately  approved by Brisbane City Council in 2021.

Louis Cheung, Managing Director of Keylin and Simon McGrath, CEO Accor Pacific announced the hotel, confirming the location for the third Mövenpick Hotel in Australia and the first Mövenpick Hotel in Queensland.

Opening in 2024, the new hotel promises to be a new land mark in Brisbane and provide a great location in proximity to the newly created 45-ha Victoria Parklands, that will be redeveloped over the next decade with new activities for its visitors and is listed as a venue for the 2032 Olympic Games.

Hotel Details
– 96 rooms
– opulent art deco interiors
– grand two-storey foyer
– restaurant
– bars
– 25-metre swimming pool
– fitness centre
– daily Chocolate Hour
– Mövenpick’s signature offerings
– conference facilities (100+ guests)

The art deco influences included are marble columns, terrazzo flooring and elevated cascading gardens create façade greenery .

Simon McGrath, CEO Accor Pacific, said that the property would be the third Mövenpick Hotel in Australia and the first Mövenpick Hotel in Queensland.

“We are delighted to be bringing a Mövenpick Hotel to Brisbane, Australia’s next Olympic city and one of the country’s most sought after lifestyle destinations”.

“The elevated heritage setting of this hotel, and its art deco inspired design, is a perfect fit for Mövenpick, which has a rich history of creating culinary and hotel experiences dating back to the 1940s”.

“Mövenpick Hotel Brisbane Spring Hill will contribute to the city’s vibrant culinary scene with an outstanding restaurant and bars, while masterfully blending the brand’s Swiss heritage with an unrivalled hospitality experience,” said Mr McGrath.

Designed by MAS Architecture Studio, the proposal will seek a design to consider the heritage architecture of Spring Hill and the neighbouring residential tower. International design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates, will provide the art deco-inspired design of the interiors of the 15-storey hotel.

Louis Cheung, Managing Director of  Keylin outlined the announcement of the Mövenpick, proves the position of Spring Hill’s as a premium inner-city destination.

“Keylin’s partnership with Accor will deliver a premium hotel experience to Brisbane during a transformational time for the city as we prepare to host the 2032 Olympic Games, and we’re thrilled to be working with such a trusted and celebrated brand”.

“As Brisbane’s oldest suburb, Spring Hill has an eclectic mix of heritage architecture and access to unrivalled culture, entertainment and dining precincts including The Tivoli Theatre, King Street dining precinct, and the heritage RNA Showgrounds”.

“The neighbouring 65-ha Victoria Parklands is also undergoing an $83 million revitalisation that will make it one of the largest urban parks in the country”.

“An exceptional location such as this requires an exceptional design and a world-class hotel operator. We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to commencing construction before the end of the year,” Mr Cheung said.

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The Application Information and References
– Address: 447 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill
– Zone: Mixed Use (Inner City)
– Neighbourhood Plan: Spring Hill
– Hotel Design: MAS Architecture Studio
– Interior Design: Hirsch Bedner Associates
– Information/Image: Supplied

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