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$175 Million Motorsport & Entertainment Precinct – Wellcamp, Toowoomba


The Queensland State Government has announced it will invest in a plan to develop Queensland’s largest entertainment precinct at Wellcamp near Toowoomba.

The $175 million Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct (WEP) is a Wagner family project that will see motorsport, driver-training and 40-000 person performing arts complex incorporated into the one venue.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland outlined that the plan has the potential to revolutionise the economy of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

“The Wagner family’s record of delivering world-class projects, especially in this region, is without peer”.

“Their vision, imagination and drive to succeed has turned paddocks into an international airport and trade distribution centre that, with the support of my Government, is also home to the Qantas Group Pilot Academy”.

“Now, the Wagners are ready to take Wellcamp to an entirely to new level – a vision that the Palaszczuk Government backs,” the Premier said.

John Wagner, Wagner Corporation Chairman outlined $95 million investment has already been committed by the Wagner Corporation to ensure the Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct has a fighting chance to prosper. Part of the Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct includes designed facilities to be ready for the 2032 Olympic Games if successful.

“The Wagner family will invest with the state and federal governments support in the order of $95 million of our assets and funds into this project”.

“We are keen to start construction early next year to help kick start the economy post COVID-19″.

“I’m very confident that south-east Queensland will win the 2032 Olympics bid”.

“We have put the land aside as part of this complex to be able to cater for Olympic events”.

“I’m very confident that if we do win the 2032 Olympics, we will have fast rail to the airport here, which will help serve the precinct as well”.

“I’m very excited about this,” “I think this will change the whole region,” Mr Wagner said.

Cameron Dick, Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning also called on the Federal Government to match Queensland’s contribution to ensure the Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct can become a reality.

“The Palaszczuk Government supports the project with $40 million and today we call on the Federal Government to match this”.

“This precinct would aim to attract major events right across the performing arts, business, tourism, sport and events sectors, making it a perfect fit for our Darling Downs Regional Economic Recovery Plan, which I am releasing today”.

“We recognise that our response to COVID-19 is a long-term commitment that will need to be delivered over years, not months.

“That’s why we are committed to working with the community and business leaders like the Wagners in the Darling Downs to continue looking at creating more opportunities for future growth.”

“With the Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct, those opportunities could extend from advanced automotive manufacturing to accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes and many other small businesses.”

Project Details
– Named the Will Power Centre for Motorsport and Driver Training Excellence
– World-class facility catering for all levels of motorsport (amateur / professional)
– Road safety training and driver education facilities for all drivers and vehicle types
– Research and innovation partnerships with universities
– Industry partners, including automotive manufacturers
– Road safety and driver training facilities and vocational training
– Music/Major Event Venue for 40 000 people
– Business tourism and event facilities
– 5000 person on-site camping ground

Community consultation and planning approvals will still be required before any works start.

Investment Provided
– $95 million Wagner Corporation
– $40 million State Government

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