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24 Multiple Dwellings (Townhouses) & Subdivision – Morris Street and Bridge Street, Wooloowin


The development application has been lodged for Subdivision and Multiple Dwellings, located at 22 Morris Street and 60 Bridge Street, Wooloowin.
Designed by RotheLowman Architects, the proposal seeks a Reconfiguration of a Lot (2 Lots into 25 Lots – Small lots, easement and balance), and seeks twenty five (24) Low – Medium Density townhouses with a range of 3-4 bedrooms and a maximum building height of 3 storeys (9.9m) to the new street frontages. The proposal is for Stage 1 and the existing buildings will be removed from the site to facilitate the proposed development.

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The subdivision involves new lots per townhouse ranging from 120sqm – 181sqm, access easement (1804sqm) and a balance lot of 900sqm.
The proposal provides 58 car park spaces (48 garaged spaces and 10 visitor spaces in the street) with access proposed via Merehaye Street.
All dwellings are provided with private open space in the form of ground level courtyards (ranging from 42.5sqm – 73.3sqm), landscaping / deep planting throughout the site.
An unspecified total amount of GFA has been outlined, with 2597.4sqm (45%) site cover of the 5,772sqm development area, that forms Stage 1 of the overall 3.84 ha site.

4 7 10According to the planners at Place Design Group, “The new development will provide high quality architectural built form and landscaping in the form of terrace homes and attached medium density residential multiple dwelling-buildings, alongside an appropriate residential conversion of the retained heritage buildings. The retention and conversion of heritage buildings, and the location and design of the proposed park will provide improved views to this important heritage-listed building

The scale of the proposed two-storey Merehaye Street built form responds directly to the two-storey height of existing buildings opposite. Three-storey terrace homes are contained within the site and also offer passive surveillance to the twelve-metre-wide internal streetscape.”

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The application was lodged 26 August 2016 @ 22 Morris Street and 60 Bridge Street, Wooloowin. Source: Report prepared by Place Design Group, Drawings prepared RotheLowman Architects. All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council reference: A004465701 for more information.

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