1. Ben
    27/11/2017 @ 1:57 pm

    It is the scale of the proposal that is offensive. 124 places!!!

    This is one of the largest childcare centers in the Western suburbs – it is not of a scale that services the local neighbourhood (which is the intent of a neighbourhood centre) – this is clearly an attempt to shoehorn a district wide/destinational use into the lowest centre tier.

    While they state a need that the ~160 place IMCH at Indooroopilly is or is close to capacity, they fail to mention that the IMCH is a similarly district wide centre. Parents travel from all over the Western suburbs and beyond for their children to attend IMCH. The key difference is that IMCH is appropriately located for the traffic demand it generates – it has an appropriate entry on a well serviced road and access to spillover parking of the school grounds on which it is located.

    The Moordale proposal on the other hand is the opposite – proposed underground parking with a tight turning circles and tandem parks will create traffic chaos at pick up and drop off times as parents either queue to enter the crossover to the down ramp or alternatively attempt to find parking on the street.

    Further, the nature of the Moordale/Moggill Road intersection will inevtiably result in a huge increase in traffic (particularly at pick up times) along the very quiet residential network between Moggill and Chapel Hill Road (as parents use logical entry and egress points to deal with the one way exit from Moordale on to Moggill).

    The oversight (deliberate?) of the traffic expert to address expected egress and ingress of arrivals and departures speaks volumes. The report is woefully deficient.

    Going back to my previous point regarding the inappropriateness of scale to this center type, it is interesting to note that the child care centers that have been relatively recently approved in or immediately proximate to higher level centers in the area (e.g. Kenmore Tavern and Kenmore Village) are both 75 places – in fact 75 places seems to be the median size for child care centres in the area. Approving a child care center that is almost twice this size, in a neighbor center zone completely upends the hierarchy of the center types.

    How can the developer justify a development of this size, in this zone, which is going to have significant deleterious impacts to the neighbourhood the zone serves. A child care center of 50 places could provide the appropriate benefit to the neighbourhood, be consistent with the neighbor center zone and the hierarchy of centers, and significantly reduce the traffic impacts that the current proposal will inevitably generate.


  2. Lauren
    23/11/2017 @ 10:06 am

    This project is absolute madness.
    What is the fire evacuation plan? Where are you going to safely evacuate 124 children to do close to a main road?
    Congrats but you’ve just participated in something ludicrously stupid.


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