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Mixed Use Precinct (Stage 3) – West Village, West End


A development application has been lodged for a Mixed Use Precinct (Stage 3) for the West Village Development, which includes retail, office, supermarket, community use, health care and indoor sport and recreation over four (4) stages,. This site is  located at Little Jane Lane, Mollison Street and Boundary Street, West End.

The proposal seeks to establish a new supermarket, retail, food and drink outlets within new commercial (podium) buildings, repurpose the Peter’s Factory building for retail and office space, laneways and park to provide public open space throughout the West Village development site.

Stage 3 integrates with the previous stages of West Village and seeks to create the urban village atmosphere by activating building edges to laneways with entrances from Boundary Street and Mollison Street. This stage will promote the integration with the new and approved retail and residential developments via pedestrian laneways and arcades.

Development Details
– 5,974sqm of shop (supermarket)
– 3,124sqm of food and drink outlet (retail)
– 1,500sqm of indoor sport and recreation (gym)
– 398sqm of health care service (medical centre)
– 132sqm of community use space (knowledge hub)
– 2,434sqm of office.

Stage 3 – Retail, Podium and Mollison Park
– Part of the retail (including Shop tenancies, Food and drink tenancies and Loading docks)
– Factory 1 (including Building Works and Office space)
– Mollison Park
– Mollison Lane and Peter’s Lane
– Podium

Stage 3A – South Pavilion
– Part of retail (including Food and drink tenancies)

Stage 3B – North Pavilion
– Part of retail (including Food and drink tenancies)

Stage 3C – Medical Centre
– Health care service

Peter’s Factory Building (Factory 1)
Designed by TKD Architects, the heritage building will be repurposed for retail on the entire ground floor and part of the first floor. Commercial space will be provided on levels 1-3 and an Incubator Space provided on level 1. The proposal seeks to ensure that the heritage building is repaired and maintained as the focal point from Boundary Street.

Mollison Lane and Peters Lane
Pedestrian access from Mollison Street is provide via an urban court to the retail laneway known as Mollison Lane, which connects through to Peters Lane. The space between the existing heritage building of Factory 1 and the proposed Mollison building is known as Peters lane, which is proposed to be lined with retail shopping.

Mollison Park
A new park is provided as open green space connecting Mollison Street to the Peter’s Factory Building and the Common.

The planners at Land Partners state, “The proposal adheres to a design principle which denotes the heritage value and promotes the premises as an integrated and innovative publicly accessible private open space public realm, fostering an urban village atmosphere through the cohesion of recreation, commerce and contemporary residences within a focal site”.

The proposal provide approximately 20,710sqm (79.21%) of site cover across the subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 1 July 2019
– Council Reference: A005239645
– Address: 111 Boundary Street, West End
– Zone: District Centre Zone (As per the Preliminary Approval Decision)
– Neighbourhood Plan: South Brisbane Riverside
– Application Report: Land Partners
– Architectural Plans: Nettleton Tribe Architects
– Architectural Statement: Buchan Group
– Factory 1 Design Report: TKD Architects
– A Preliminary Approval (Decision Number MBN16/1465) issued on 7 November 2016
– The application was changed – Decision Number MBN17/1204 issued on 21 September 2017
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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