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Mirvac & Council Discuss Future – Toombul Shopping Centre


The Brisbane City Council has held initial discussions with Mirvac at the start of June 2022 about the future plans for the site and the redevelopment opportunities moving forward, as the local community raises concerns.

In an announcement published on the local Councillor’s Facebook page, Adam Allan from the Northgate Ward outlined that concerned residents had been seeking information on the future of the Toombul site, now that a decision has been made to demolish the existing structure.

Councillor Adam Allan is currently a member of Civic Cabinet, as the Civic Cabinet Chair of the City Planning Suburban Renewal Committee, and the Chair of the Councillor Ethics Committee. He attended a meeting with Mirvac at the start of June 2022 about the initial plans and has outlined future prelodgment meetings would be held this year with the development assessment area within the Brisbane City Council.
The shopping centre has been closed to the public since Mirvac closed off the site to the public after the devastating flooding of the centre in February 2022. Since then Mirvac has allowed Brisbane City Council to reopen the closed Bus Transit Hub after an agreement was reached.

Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor for Brisbane City Council weighed in on the fair treatment of flood affected tenancies and explained on 4BC (26 May) that for the redevelopment to be approved at the Toombul site, Mirvac must ‘jump through a lot of hoops’ and it will not be a simple process.

It was also discussed that the surfaced Master Plan and concept sketches visible on Leonard Design Architects’ website were from 2017. The plans have since been removed from the website.

The full interview with 4BC is below or here


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