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Online Growth Monitoring Dashboard – South East Queensland


An Australian-first online dashboard has been launched by the State Government to assist planning for the forecast population growth in the South East Queensland’s over the next 25 years.

36 implementation actions accompanied the SEQ Regional Plan ‘ShapingSEQ’ released in 2017 and the new dashboard ‘Measures that Matter’ is a leading project from those actions and a key initiative unique to Queensland. The key implementation action also includes the Growth Management Program.

Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning outlined that the 5 million resident milestone moving to SEQ required the need for good planning and reinforces the need for long-term sustainability amongst our cities, towns and suburbs.

Mr Dick stated, “One of the biggest challenges we face is being on the front foot of planning during this period of continued population growth. Successfully monitoring these population changes in our region to guide how we adjust and improve policy based on robust data, is vital. Better planning delivers better amenity, reduces environmental impacts or whole-of-life costs, and all adds up to better quality of life.”

The Measures that Matter dashboard collates South East Queensland data and can project future trends based on previous and current growth. Significant value is anticipated from the first year of monitoring, and the transparent environment in which I operates will provide the community, government and industry consistent information about the future of SEQ. The Measures that Matter were identified in ShapingSEQ as regional indicators organised under the plan’s five themes of Grow, Prosper, Connect, Sustain and Live.

Measures that Matter (Five Themes)
– Grow: The aim of the Grow theme is to encourage consolidated, well-planned and complete communities. Residents will have a range of housing choice, and there will be sufficient land to accommodate the SEQ region’s expected population and employment growth to 2041 in an affordable and sustainable way.

– Prosper: The aim of the Prosper theme is to support SEQ’s competitive economy focused on high-value activities supported by population-serving jobs, whilst also leveraging on traditional industries, strengths and advantages and embracing emerging technology.

– Connect: The aim of the Connect theme is to plan for a network of interconnected communities supported by a multi-modal transport system. This transport is frequent, reliable and prioritises public and active transport for people, and the movement of freight.

– Sustain: The aim of the Sustain theme is to protect and nurture SEQ’s biodiversity, natural assets and regional landscapes. SEQ’s communities will be safe, fair, sustainable, resilient and prepared for climate change, ensuring future generations enjoy a high quality of life and affordable living options.

– Live: The aim of the Live theme is to ensure that SEQ retains its status as a region of great places. This means being responsive to SEQ’s climate, encouraging and celebrating good urban design that creates an urban form capable of delivering energy-efficient living compatible with its surroundings, in a leafy, subtropical landscape.

Mr Dick stated, “the dashboard compares this data with the future trends detailed in the South East Queensland Regional Plan, ShapingSEQ, making all levels of government accountable for how the region is performing in relation to various aspects of the natural, economic and social environment. It’s simple to use, very intuitive, and you can find information for the whole region or individual local government areas, where data is available.” 

“The $5 million Growth Monitoring Program over two years, is close to a ‘single point of truth’ for land supply and development activity in South East Queensland. Mr Dick stated, “The regional plan is about catering for growth sustainably, while protecting our unique environment and lifestyle”.

Growth Monitoring Core Deliverables
– Housing Supply Expert Panel
– Measures that Matter and
– Land Supply and Development Monitoring Report

Julie Saunders, SEQ Housing Supply Expert Panel chair and Knight Frank Associate Director was supportive of the initiative by the Queensland Government. Ms Saunders stated, “This is information that is easily accessible and understandable for the community and industry. The panel supports the release of the dashboard as a key tool for communicating with the community on the region’s future as detailed in ShapingSEQ. The Queensland Government is demonstrating leadership and its commitment to addressing the challenges associated with quality urban growth”.

Scott Smith, Council of Mayors (SEQ) CEO also was in support of the online dashboard being used. Mr Smith stated, “It’s important that State and Local governments continue to work together to sustainably manage South East Queensland’s population growth and this tool is an open and transparent way for the public to track that progress”.

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