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Masterplanned Community – Ivedon Street, Banyo


Constructions begins on the recently approved Masterplanned Community, located at 20 & 38 Ivedon Street, Banyo.
Known as ‘Summerlin‘, the Development Application Approval is for the following:
– Preliminary Approval for Material Change of Use Medium Density Residential Zone, Estate Sales Office, Display Dwelling and Home Business (in a Industrial Zone)
– Development Permit for Material Change of Use for Multiple Dwellings over various stages


Designed by RotheLowman Architects , the approval allows ninety nine (99) medium density dwellings within clusters of buildings. The site is within proximity to the Nudgee Train Station and is set for redevelopment in a variety of housing styles. The 2 buildings, with a maximum building height of six (6) storeys are positioned along the Rail Line boundary and 2 buildings of two (2) storeys (townhouses) are positioned along Ivedon Street as well as the vehicle access and pedestrian entrance. To facilitate the application the existing industrial buildings have been removed.
Development Mix
– Stage 1 – 26 units
– Stage 2A – 27 units
– Stage 2B – 34 units
– Stage 7 (previously labelled 6) – 12 units

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The Stages of the development approval are approximately 5,933sqm of gross floor area, new inernal roads, bio retention areas, 4,500sqm of communal open space area for residents (bbq, pool, recreations space, gym) and 700sqm for a pedestrian link to co-exist with the future stages on the 31,565sqm (3.16ha) subject site.

The site is within Industrial Zone and within the Banyo Nudgee Local Plan and has been approved for a major redevelopment in the immediate area. A Structure Plan of the surrounding areas has also being prepared for the application to show how the development will fit into the area now and in the future.  The Structure Plan identifies how the ‘Elliott Road North’ precinct can in the future transition from warehousing and light industry, to medium density residential in accordance with the BCC Planning Scheme – Banyo Nudgee Local Plan.

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According to the planners at RPS Group, “The development is designed with transitioned building heights, increasing with distance from Ivedon Street. Development fronting Ivedon Street is generally a maximum 2 storeys in height, consistent with the intents under the Banyo/Nudgee Local Plan. Three (3) storey townhouses are proposed on corners and sparingly along the length of the Ivedon St frontage. The use of three storey elements ensures articulation in the roof form and a more appealing external appearance. The three storey elements are of a small scale, being setback 7m from the Ivedon St frontage and only 5m in width. They read as ‘pop-ups’ and provide articulation and variation to the Ivedon St frontage”.

“Significant communal open space is proposed within the core of the development site, providing a focal point and being buffered from external noise impacts from the railway corridor and surrounding industrial uses. The communal open space is more than 4,500m2 in area, providing a generous space that is split into different functional zones and will provide a very high level of amenity for the development”.

DRAFT Structure Plan-siteDraft Structure Plan

The Subject site was recently cleared and a Sales Office set up in an existing onsite shed  (See Aerial) and site works for infrastructure and building pad levels well underway.

The application was lodged 14 April 2014, approved 28 August 2015 and a change to the application was recently approved 18 May 2016 @20 & 38 Ivedon Street and 241B Elliott Road, Banyo. Source: Report and Structure Plan prepared by RPS Group , Landscape Plans prepared by Lat27, and Plans/Elevations/Artist Impressions by RotheLowman Architects.

All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council ref: A003852444 and recent change approval A004268903 for more information. Furthermore, see the following Summerlin website link or the online brochure for indicative images of the townhouses and apartment styles.

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