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32 Lot Subdivision – Leslie Street, Arana Hills


A development application has been lodged for Reconfiguration of a Lot, located at 23 Leslie Street, Arana Hills.

Designed by Ceccato Hall Architects, this proposal is for thirty two (32) residential lots, new internal private roadway and a balance area to the north. The proposal will remove the existing dwelling to facilitate the development over 2 stages.

The proposal seeks to produce lots ranging from 131sqm to 564sqm in area within a subdivision layout consisting of small and medium lots that will adjoin townhouse residential allotments. The development inlcudes standard freehold lots fronting Leslie Street and community title lots to the rear of the site. The lot mix is as follows:

Subdivision Details
Lots 131-200sqm – x24 Lots
Lots 201-300sqm – x4 Lots
Lots 301-400sqm – x1 Lots
Lots More than 401sqm – x3 Lots.

The proposal includes a new loop road from Leslie Street and provide a new road to the rear of the site.

The planners at IB Town Planning state, “tghe design of the development provides an active interface with Leslie Street, contributing to an attractive streetscape and passive surveillance of public spaces”.

“The mix of standard format and community title lots contributes to a diverse and attractive built form, integrates with the street and surrounding neighbourhood, and provides for privacy outcomes that will maintain the amenity of adjoining properties”.

“The overall scale of development is consistent with the low to medium density residential character intended for the area, will respond appropriately to site topography, and will be connected to all essential urban services”.

The proposal seeks to create 32 new lots and road on the 13,524sqm development site.

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The Application n Information and References
– Date Lodged 14 April 2020
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Council Reference: 2020 / 40702 / V3RM
– Address: Leslie Street and Crosby Avenue
– Zone: General Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: NA
– Town Planning Report: IB Town Planning
– Urban Designer Drawings: Ceccato Hall Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

All article information is sourced and available for review from MBRC pdonline or other referenced locations.

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