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Large Format Retail Precinct – Main Road, Yamanto


A development application has been lodged for the Large Format Retail adjoining the Yamanto Town Centre (Shopping Centre) with, located at Main Road, Yamanto.

Designed by the Buchan Group, the proposal seeks series of large buildings that will accommodate Bulky Goods Sales, Shops, Restaurants, Medical Centre and Office space.

The proposed large format retail precinct seeks to incorporates ancillary business uses to support the Yamanto Central Precinct and integrate with any centre expansion to the east of the site. The site is within the Major Centres zone and forms the first stage of the Yamanto Major Centre.

“The proposal is designed to address a need now and into the near future for larger format retail opportunities, and taking the opportunity to include these opportunities as part of the retail core of Yamanto rather than risking the dilution of value of the town centre which would occur if retail becomes dispersed into the surrounding area with no significant core offer”

“The design aims to maximise the pedestrian interaction with main street and on to Yamanto Central with the creation of a pedestrian axis connecting the two developments. To reinforce the urban character of main street the form of the design concentrates towards the street with two storey buildings forming an urban edge which will be similar in scale to the Yamanto Central façade opposite” – Design Statement prepared by Buchan Group.

Ground Floor

Development Details
– 14,283sqm of GFA (over 2 levels)
– 5x large retail buildings
– 2x second storey tenancies
– street trees, furnishings and pavement finishes
– awnings for pedestrian shade and amenity
– building façade activation
– casual surveillance opportunities
– stepping and receded built form
– human scale development at the pedestrian level
– key pedestrian entry points
– internally facing buildings;
– accentuated Main Street eastern entrance
– 381 car parks across the site
– 6 drop off / pick bays

First FloorThe planners at Urbis state, “In alignment with the intent of the Yamanto Town Centre masterplan, stage 1 of the Large Format Retail offering has been proposed to further enhance the viability of the centre to deliver a high-quality retail destination which complements the Yamanto Central offering, aiming to become a focal point for the community for social and business interactions and the pre-eminent bulky goods precinct for the western suburbs of Ipswich”.

“The recent construction of Main Street offers a dedicated road and pedestrian connection to the Yamanto Central Shopping Centre and proposed bulky goods offering provides that ability for the large format retail offering to be appropriately integrated into the centre. The large format retail proposal is the first step in activating this street frontage in its entirety with the retail offer designed so that it can evolve to include a
future town square or plaza”.

“The southern edge of the Yamanto Central Shopping Centre has been designed to include a future development area and entry to Main Street that will be integrated with the proposed bulky goods offer and likely future redevelopment of the existing Yamanto Village”.

The proposal is for 14,283sqm of gross floor area (GFA) over the 32,200sqm site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 24 February 2021
– Council Reference: 4406/2021/MCU
– Address: Main Road, Yamanto
– Zone: Major Centres
– Neighbourhood Plan: Yamanto Major Centre
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: the Buchan Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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