$2.1 Million Landmark Carbon Farming Project – Mungalla Station, Far North Queensland


The Queensland State Government has announced that its investment this year in multi-million-dollar carbon farming projects will see up to 1.9 million tonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere and 1.8 million hectares of land restored.

Meaghan Scanlon, Environment Minister outlined that a $2.1 million partnership between the State Government, GreenCollar and the Goondicum Pastoral Company played a part in the state’s Land Restoration Fund to build the carbon farming industry in Queensland.

“This is creating local jobs for Queenslanders in a new industry”. “We’re delivering close to $100 million worth of projects through the Land Restoration Fund that will create almost 690 jobs, with 400 of those in Far North Queensland”.

“Carbon farminig helps us to reduce our emissions. But it’s also rapidly becoming a multi-billion-dollar global industry”. “By backing projects like this, we’re creating more jobs in more industries which is a core aim of our economic recovery strategy,” the Minister said.

The aim of the future project is to improve landscape connectivity and condition of habitat for threatened species in the Wide Bay-Burnett Region through avoided land clearing and regeneration of native forest.

Christopher Ewing, Head of Ecosystem Markets and Innovation at CO2 Australia said the project would improve biodiversity and build greater connectivity with remnant native vegetation.

“This project will also improve water quality entering the local waterways and reaching the Great Barrier Reef from Mungalla Station, and develop the skills and employment of people from the Mungalla community,” Mr Ewing said.

The project will also improve water quality in the Burnett River, while demonstrating the financial and health benefits that can come from a diversified on-farm income.

CO2 Australia will receive $3.7 million which will go towards the Mungalla Carbon Project, a 16-year collaboration with the government.

2020 Investment Round projects
The Queensland Government has committed close to $93 million across 19 projects through the Land Restoration Fund’s 2020 Investment Round.

The projects are located across the state and will reduce carbon emissions while delivering additional environmental, social and economic co-benefits to Queensland.

Projects were selected for investment by the independent Land Restoration Fund Investment Panel, chaired by Professor Marcia Langton AO.

Contracted projects
Projects contracted to date for the 2020 Investment Round are found here.

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– Media Release: Landmark carbon farming project to create jobs and environmental benefits across Queensland
– Images: Google Streetview and Aerial

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