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Green Bridge – Kangaroo Point to Brisbane City


A development application has been lodged for operational works to accommodate the foundations of the new Green Bridge that will traverse the Brisbane River from Scott Street, Kangaroo Point to Alice Street, Brisbane City.

Bridge Position

Designed by ARUP and Cox, the proposal seeks operational work for prescribed tidal works, operational work for removal, destruction or damage of marine plants and development on a Queensland heritage place.

The foundation of the new bridge landing will be located on the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street, at the entrance to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. The foundation of the landing at Kangaroo Point will be
positioned above C.T. White Park and forms an alignment with Scott Street.

Alice Street, Brisbane City
Alice Street, Brisbane City
Scott Street, Kangaroo Point
Scott Street, Kangaroo Point

C.T. White Park Redesign
– minimising the impact of the bridge structure
– maximising tree retention where possible
– responds to the steep topography within the park
– access design considered throughout
– provision of safe, intuitive and equitable connections
– seamless bridge deck connection to plaza
– lift and stairs to provide ease of access
– pedestrian and cycle river edge movement maintained
– new landscaping complementing the botanical history
– wayfinding signage considered in design

Viewing Platform
Viewing Platform

Development Detail
– visually permeable cable-stay design
– 4 legged single mast form located near the city
– lower scale towards the Kangaroo Point elements
– pause points allow for views of the river and the City
– shade is provided along pedestrian path and deck
– wide deck appears to be a thin floating element
– screening is provided at the Kangaroo Point approach f
– balustrades are visually permeable
– deck accommodates pedestrians on the downstream side
– deck accommodates cyclists on the upstream side
– surface treatments for the approach to pause points
– continuous marking for pedestrians from cyclists
– landscape planters incorporated as an anti-throw solution
– landscape planters provide cascading landscaping
– lift to C.T. White Park integrated within Pier 7 near Kangaroo point
– materials and finishes are unified with the rest of the bridge elements.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 2 March 2021
– Council Reference: A005674527
– Address: Scott Street, Kangaroo Point to Alice Street, Brisbane City
– Zone: Principal centre (City Centre) and Open space
– Neighbourhood Plan: City Centre and Kangaroo Point Peninsula
– Town Planning Report: City Projects Office
– Urban Content Report: Cox
– Design Development Report: ARUP and Cox
– Reference Design Drawings: City Projects Office
– Architecture Drawings: City Projects Office
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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