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Riverbank Remediation – Jim Soorley Bikeway, Banyo & Nundah


A new development application has been lodged for a Kedron Brook Riverbank Remediation, located along Jim Soorley Bikeway in Nundah and Banyo.

Designed by City Projects Office the proposal seeks prescribed tidal works to restore the Jim Soorley Bikeway and remediation of severe erosion on approximately 1.5 km of the western bank of Kedron Brook. The works may involve the removal, destruction or damage of a marine plants in the process.

The intent of the development is to undertake imperative bank remediation works at five separate sections along Kedron Brook. The project is to ensure the ongoing viability, safety and use of the Jim Soorley Bikeway as the popularity grows with the cycleway connected to the latest gateway motorway upgrades

Project Works
– Bank remediation works to five (5) separate areas
– Reshape and remediate sections of the riverbank
– Removal, destruction or damage of a marine plants
– Associated filling and excavation
– Create and encourage natural bank stabilisation measures

Construction Works
– Site preparation and closure of bikeway
– Removal or trim mangroves 292.2sqm
– Bank reshaping
– Installation of sandbags from the bank or from a
– Existing failed bitumen (from bikeway) removed
– Backfill topsoil flush with bike path
– Plantings to reinstate bikeway verge vegetation
– Reinstate site and open bikeway

According to the planners at City Projects Office, Since the construction of the bikeway, Kedron Brook has experienced significant erosion along the riverbank due to tidal influences which has widened the width of the waterway. This widening is impacting the Jim Soorley Bikeway infrastructure. As a result, several components of the bikeway pose a safety risk to bikeway users as they are at risk of failure. The works form part of Council’s ongoing initiative to undertake maintenance and remediation works on Council’s public infrastructure.”

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 6 August 2019
– Council Reference: A005235667
– Address: Jim Soorley Bikeway, Nundah, Airport, Banyo, Northgate
– Zone: Environmental management and conservation
– Neighbourhood Plan: Australia TradeCoast
– Town Planning Report: City Projects Office
– Architecture Drawings: City Projects Office
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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