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Multiple Dwellings – Jenkinson Street & Carinya Street Indooroopilly


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings and Subdivision, located at 19, 21 & 23 Jenkinson Street & 26 Carinya Street Indooroopilly.

Designed by AG Architects, the proposal is for a twenty eight (28) x3 bedroom townhouses of a Low Density nature with a maximum building height of 2 storey (10m). The townhouses are arranged in a variety of groups, totaling nine (9) buildings over the site, with front gardens and rear courtyards provided for each dwelling.

Proposed Subdivision Details
– Two (2) x350sqm lots
– One (1) x6,021sqm lot

444sqm of communal open space over has been proposed over three areas. Centrally in the unusual shaped block will include seven (7) visitor bicycle spaces, pool, timber deck areas, barbeque, shelter and dining area. 2 other separate open landscaped areas are provided to Jenkinson Street.

60 car park spaces (including 56 resident garaged space and 4 visitor spaces) within ground level and the vehicular and pedestrian access is taken via Jenkinson Street and Carinya Street.

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Landscape treatments as outlined by Form Landscape Architects, include:
– Retention of mature trees on the Jenkinson Street and communal open space area
– A ‘green and leafy’ character applied across the site
– Pedestrian feature entrances on the street frontages
– Shade trees and landscaping along the frontages of the site
– Transitional pavement at the entrances to the driveway
– Landscaping and trees along the private driveway
– Private open spaces to all individual townhouses
– Communal outdoor spaces

The site is within the Low Density Residential Zone and the Toowong – Indooroopilly District Neighbourhood Plan. The proposed total site cover is 2,858sqm (47.5%), of the ‘L’ shaped 6,734sqm lot.

According to the planners at Cardno, they state, “the proposed site area is sufficient to develop a low density multiple dwelling development that is integrated with the suburban setting of the surrounding locality and adequately addresses its interfaces to adjoining properties.

 The proposed multiple dwellings have a building height, bulk, scale and form which is compatible with the suburban setting and supportive of the high level of amenity, comfort, quiet, privacy and safety reasonably expected within a low density residential environment.

The multiple dwellings have been setback to the front and side boundaries of the site to provide an appropriate interface and transition to the streets and adjoining sites that reflects the character and form of the area and appropriately addresses the high level of amenity and privacy afforded in the low density residential environment”.

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The application was lodged 23 November 2016 @ 19, 21 & 23 Jenkinson Street & 26 Carinya Street Indooroopilly. Source: Application Report was prepared by Cardno, Landscape design Intent prepared by Form Landscape Architects, Plans were prepared by AG Architects and available for review from BCC pdonline. See Council reference A004527904 for more information

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