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Indoor Sports & Adventure Centre – Kingston Road, Underwood


A change to development application has been approved for the final touches to a new Indoor Sports and Adventure Centre, located at 11-21 Kingston Road, Underwood.

Ground Floor Layout

Previously the site provided for a Bunnings Warehouse and the large warehouse building posed to reopen as the Adventureland with an Area 51 theme. The new use seeks to be Australia’s largest family entertainment, sports and recreation centre and be open by June 2022.

The proposed new concept prepared by Seriestwo Architects provides an internal layout within an existing warehouse that will allow an assortment of recreation activities for all ages and levels of fitness all year round. The proposed development provides internal refurbishment works and external upgrades to the building façade that seeks to make a striking appearance from the street.

The approved indoor play centre includes various activity areas and party rooms, with ancillary dining facilities and a broad range of recreational experiences. The recent changes were made to the outside of the building.

Colour Approved under Recent Approval

Approved Changes
– Change to external façade finish (Alternative paint colours)
– Entry canopy (Retain the entry statement of the existing building).

Development Details
– Indoor play area (5,429sqm)
– Cafe and Parent Lounge (661sqm)
– Commerical Kitchen (188sqm)
– Party Rooms (348sqm)
– Sensory Rooms (107sqm)
– Amenities (92sqm)
– Services and Reception (818sqm)

Hours of Operation
– 9:00am to 9:00pm (7 days a week)

Images Source: Area51 Social Media

Activities Proposed
– Synthetic ice skating rink
– Ski Machines
– Sensory Rooms
– Multi-level Soft Playground
– Ninja Course
– Climbing Arena
– High Ropes
– Trampolines
– Air Coaster
– Multi Sports Court
– Toddlers Play area with Parent Lounge

Themed Areas
– Summer Activities
– Spring Activities
– Autumn Activities 

Images Source: Area51 Social Media

Additional activities
– Café and Seating Area
– Party Rooms
– Games

Education Classes (over 6 years)
– Ballet
– Bar Training
– Stretching
– Dance (Latin, Ballroom, K-pop, Jazz, Hip Hop)
– Yoga
– Pilates,
– Zumba
– Karate
– Boxing.

Future Additions
– Metaverse Access.
– ALIENS VIP Passport.
– Markets
Images Source: Area51 Social Media

A total of 317 spaces are approved (including 6 PWD and 2 loading bay spaces) for the facility, with access available to a slip road from Kingston Road.

According to the planners at Mewing Planning Consultants, “Internal refurbishment of the existing warehouse building previously occupied by Bunnings to facilitate various themed activity areas, including rock climbing, ski machines, sensory rooms and a synthetic ice skating rink within the existing building. The facility is intended to provide a broad
range of recreational experiences.”

“Building works to upgrade the façade of the building will create an attractive frontage to Kingston Road and enhancing the urban design and character of the area. The proposed development has incorporated the following features within the front façade presented to the frontages, which provides for material variation, visual interest and articulation to the building”.

Images Source: Area51 Social Media

The proposal is for 6,647sqm of GFA within half an existing warehouse within a 38,560sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Approved:  01 December 2021
– Date Change Approved: 18 May 2022
– Council Reference: MCUC/59/2021 
– Change Reference: MCUC/59/2021/A
– Address: 51 Kingston Road, Underwood
– Zone: Specialised centre
– Application Report: Mewing Planning Consultants
– Provided Design Drawings: Seriestwo Architects
– Images Sourced From: Areas 51
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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