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Home Renovation Fundamentals: Where to Start


Renovating a house is something many homeowners aspire to. It allows you to express your personal style on a blank canvas and can significantly increase the value of your home and its liveability. If you are about to embark on a renovation yourself and are unsure where to start or who you need to engage to partner on this project, we have outlined the fundamentals to get you started and keep you on track. Poorly planned renovations can lead to a blown-out budget and a delayed finishing date, so don’t underestimate the importance of starting on the right foot.

1. Engage the technical experts
Homeowners might decide to do their interior painting and landscaping themselves, but there are other tasks that should not be done DIY. Seek the guidance of an electrician in Oakleigh to plan your electrician renovation, rewiring and any safety work that needs to be overseen before and during the renovation. You also want to work with a plumber to make sure that you are not going to cause any irreversible damage to your pipes and plumbing, as this could really chew up your budget. If you are building up or out, it might also be an idea to get approval from your council before you start the civil works. Don’t run the risk by making assumptions and get that expert assistance upfront.

2. Allocate a budget and assign a timeline
Your renovation might just be the most expensive project you work on, and so you don’t want any ambiguity over how much time and money you are committing. Work with your builders to agree on a reasonable timeline and ask for a final renovation budget and pricing breakdown with a supplies list before you start the build. If you are doing this without a builder, then you will have to be even more specific and work your timeline around your own schedule. Many renovators choose to rent during their build, so working on a building plan will highlight if this is necessary for you. Once you overlay your budget against the timeline, you will know definitively if you can cover the works in one plan or need to stagger the work.

3. Decide on a design style
So you have recognised that you need a newer home, but what does that look like exactly? By deciding on a home design style, you can keep accountable to a design code and get constant inspiration throughout the building process. There truly is a never ending list of styles you can pursue, but try and choose one that aligns with the existing architecture of your home. That way you will not have to spend more than you need to in converting the structure. You can also speak to a stylist or architect if you think you need direction in this space – so don’t feel like you need to make your decision off a simple Pinterest scroll.

It’s tempting to want to cut corners when you are staring down the barrel of an expensive venture, although there is a greater risk when you invest in poor materials and having to subsequently replace them soon after. With the right design, your premium materials can even makeup part of your decor look and feel, highlighting the hero finishings of your renovation. Be sure to speak with your builders and suppliers directly so that you are choosing materials that will last and keep their integrity over time, and you might even find some options that are environmentally-friendly.

Now that you know the fundamentals, you can set about designing a renovation plan that is going to achieve your goals and stick to the budget and timeframe you have set out. The more detailed you get at the start will only result in a better build so don’t rush those first steps.

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