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Office Tower, Showroom, Café & Restaurant – Higgs Street & Hutcheson Street, Albion


A development application has been lodged for a commercial building that seeks to include a mix of centre activities land uses, including Car Showroom, Office, Hotel (Bar), Restaurant, Food and Drink Outlet, located at 4 Higgs Street & Hutcheson Street, Albion.

Designed by RedDoor Architecture, the proposal seeks an office tower, rooftop restaurant (with bar) and activated ground floor containing a café and showroom. The proposal has a maximum building height of 10 storeys. Land dedication is also provided to increase the width and aesthetics of the existing pedestrian footpath between the site and the inner city footpath corridor.

The site is within the District Centre zone, with road frontage to Inner City Bypass, Hutcheson Street and Higgs Street. The proposal will remove the existing single storey office and car parking to facilitate the redevelopment.

Floor Details
Level 1 (290sqm)
– Cafe (74sqm)
– Office (50sqm)
– Showroom (520sqm)
– Amenities (54sqm)
– Lobby/Reception

Level 2 (1,441sqm)
– Office (222sqm)
– Showroom (980sqm)
– Amenities (81sqm)

Level 3 – 9 (each 1,405sqm)
– Office (1,208sqm)
– Amenities (81sqm)

Level 10
– Restaurant / Bar (322sqm)

The proposal provides 136 car park spaces (109 commercial, 4 motorbike 20 visitor car parking spaces) and 100 cycle storage spaces within the ground and three (3) basements. Pedestrian access is proposed via a commercial lobby to the frontage of Hutcheson Street, Higg Street and the pedestrian pathway.

The vehicle access to the basement and service bays are proposed along the northern boundary. Higgs Street is primarily for the access to the basement, but also has a one way shared zone that traverses the rear of the building to the service vehicle access on Hutcheson Street. The car lift for the showroom is also located in the service vehicle area in the north west of the site.


The planners at Urban Strategies state “the proposal activates the Hutcheson Street and Higgs Street frontages with a ground floor Showroom and Food and Drink Outlet tenancy, generous awning wrapping around the facades, landscaping zones, and opportunities for passive seating. Outward looking spaces within the ground floor which create a visual connection and physical integration with surrounding land uses, such as the Breakfast Creek Hotel. The inclusion of a Food and Drink Outlet tenancy within the ground floor supports both public usage and building occupant needs which are highly accessible”

The proposal includes 12,418sqm of gross floor area, with 1,762sqm (72.7%) site cover of the 2,569sqm development site

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 3 December 2018
– Council Reference: A005081009
– Address: 4 Higgs Street and 11 Sandgate Road, Albion
– Zone: District Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: Albion
– Application Report: Urban Strategies
– Design Drawings: RedDoor Architecture
– Landscape Drawings: Andrew Gold Landscape Architecture
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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