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Green Pedestrian Bridge – Breakfast Creek, Brisbane


The Brisbane City Council has released new concept images of its new  Green Pedestrian Bridge for Breakfast Creek at Newstead.

Proposed Green Bridge Locations

Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor of Brisbane stated “that the new green bridge will provide a critical link for people walking, cycling or scooting between along our new Lores Bonney Riverwalk”

This will also provide access “to the main Athletes’ Village at Northshore Hamilton, which will be built for more than 10,000 Olympians and officials, and 5,000 Paralympians before #Brisbane2032“.

Breakfast Creek Concept Image

Breakfast Creek Concept Image
Breakfast Creek Concept Image

Adrian Schrinner, Lord Mayor of Brisbane previous outlined that the cost for the bridge will be $257 million for the bridge infrastructure.

“We have fast-tracked these new bridges because they’re major job drivers, which is critical as we climb our way out of the coronavirus economic crisis,” 

“Our city has sustained a brutal economic hit this year, but my administration is determined that we build for the future. This means we get people into work now and critical infrastructure projects like these bridges are how we do that”.

“Kicking off this procurement process quickly is also about breathing life into the local construction industry and expanding supplier opportunities for struggling businesses,” the Lord Mayor said.

As a result of community feedback, Council will not be progressing the proposed Bellbowrie green bridge, though the Brisbane City Council has outlined it is committed to investigating other locations for the fifth green bridge as part of the Green Bridges Program and will make more information available.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– Council Announcement:  Adrian Schrinner Facebook
– Images: supplied by Brisbane City Council
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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