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Finalised Precinct Plan – Graceville Riverside Parklands, Brisbane


The Brisbane City Council has released the final Precinct Plan for the Graceville Riverside Parklands.

The Graceville Riverside Parklands Precinct is situated at the northern-most end of the Oxley Creek corridor that includes a Graceville Riverside Parkland, Simpsons Playground, Nadine Street Park, Graceville Avenue Park and Bert St Clair Oval. The location is a key entry point to the 20-kilometre Oxley Creek corridor and a destination for water-based activity and recreation.

The Final Precinct Plan for the Graceville Riverside Parklands proposes improvements and enhancements to the overall function, character, and identity of park features. The parkland will establish a key gateway into the Oxley Creek corridor and provides a hub for water related recreation area.

The local community provided feedback during the engagement period, which has formed the final version of the Graceville Riverside Parklands Precinct.

Community Engagement Feedback
– Open greenspace is improved picnic facilities, lawn space and accessibility for all.
– Access to a future 20-kilometre walking and cycling recreational trail.
– Water-based recreation and activities catering for all levels of experience and abilities.
– Viewing Terrace is a place to sit and enjoy the riverside location of the parklands.

Water Activity Hub
Adjoining the existing Sea Scout hall, the new recreation facility will provide a multi-purpose water activity hub, watercraft storage and rigging space. A covered seating area, amenities will provide for community groups and visitors to the parklands. The new terrace will also provide the perfect opportunity to take in views of the river and spectate sailing and paddling events.

Parkland Enhancements
The mature riverside shade trees provide an excellent location for a new playspace and includes the retention of existing boat playground as the centrepiece, which will encourage imagination and curiosity olay.

The new Junior Greenway provides a track for children to enjoy scootering or cycling within the precinct. New exercise workout locations are provides along the exercise circuit, with open space, picnic shelters and electric barbecues adjoining the playground.

A central green space will provide for local community and cultural celebrations, supported by power and water provision, along with feature lighting for extended evening activities.

Riverside Connections
Boats will be able to access the site with a new pontoon on the Oxley Creek corridor, with the future provision of hire facilities for canoes and kayaks for further exploration and recreation activities. The Greenway and Oxley Creek Paddle Trail information can be found here.

Cultural Experience
A junior ranger program will host a discovery trial for children, to discover knowledge of First Nations People, European history, the environmental and impreovements made during the upgrade to the waterway corridor.

Waterway and Parkland Rehbiliation
Environmental rehabilitation in the parkland will strengthen the existing wildlife corridors, increase the riparian vegetation and improve the creek-edge mangroves. Weed management and new native plantings will regenerate the ecosystem and provide habitat. areas.

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