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Expressions of Interest – $1 Billion Auto Mall & Track – Brisbane Airport


The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has released a call for expresssions of interests for the BNE Auto Mall in the next milestone for this project, as the earthworks phase of the 51.3HA development are now completed.

The Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be for the formal partner that will manage the track, entertainment, and events within the automotive precinct.  The $1 Billion project project seeks to create a vibrant, mixed-use development, a new hub for events, experiences, research, innovation, retailing, business precinct and different options for motorists to test drive vehicles.

The BNE Auto Mall is envisioned to provide a experience that will revolutionise the way people experience vehicles prior to purchase and compare the performance in a variety of surfaces.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, BAC CEO outlined that this is an incredible opportunity for businesses to be part of a project that will revolutionise the automotive industry in Australia.

“Opening in 2024, BNE Auto Mall is the largest, most visionary, and eagerly anticipated mixed-use development of its kind in Australia, and it will be a game-changer when it comes to the way in which people buy and experience motor vehicles”.

“While Aviation is our primary purpose, we have always strongly believed that Brisbane Airport is a destination within itself and so much more than just an airport”.

“This landmark automotive precinct is proof of that, as it will provide exponential benefits for Brisbane and for Queensland well into the future”.

“I have no doubts that the expansive scope of this Expression of Interest will generate excitement and encourage innovative thinking that will help shape this unique, world-class automotive destination”, Mr de Graaff said.

The scale of the project is reported by BAC as the largest non-aviation project that has undertaken to date at the Brisbane Airport, which is situated on site that fronts both Moreton and Airport Drives, in proximity to the service centre and opposite the International Terminal.

Partner’s Commerical Oppotunities
–  Driver experiences, leveraging a range of features and facilities
– Facilitating vehicle test drives on the performance track
– Automotive branded and themed events,  launches and media events
– Corporate events and functions on and off-track
– Automotive research, innovation and development
– Providing unrivalled advertising and marketing within the track area
– Partnering with education providers and tertiary institutions
– Fostering advancements in sustainable automotive technologies
– Retailing and branding possibilities to enhance reputation and awareness

Co-Designed by Mark Skaife (Skaife Racing) Australian motor racing champion and iEDM motorsport circuit designers, the BNE Auto Mall will be complete with a 2.3-kilometre world-class high performance track that is central in the precinct design layout.

A test track provides a unique driver experience for new vehicle test drives and provides a safer environment other driver training, education, car club activities and other special events.

The key details of the proposed development
– High end flagship dealerships
– 25 plus dealerships
– Office space
– Parts, Servicing and Storage
– Exhibition and conference activities
– Hotels, Retail, Dining and Leisure
– Driver training schools and regional offices.
– Test track, designed by racing champion Mark Skaife

The concept video also shows a new sky rail line passing through the site and track side rail station that connects to the existing QR hard rail line at the International Terminal.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) commenced major earthworks in 2018 on its landmark $1 Billion Auto Mall and Track development, since the site preparation works was approved by the BAC Board in 2016.

The project saw the start of works with the site clearing completed in late 2017 , with the iconic Auto Mall redevelopment envisaged to open in 2022.

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– Interactive Image: Google Street view and Aerial

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