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197 Multiple Dwellings & 21 Lot Subdivision – Ellen Street & Fursden Road, Carina


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings and Subdivision, located 179-193 Fursden Road, Carina.

Designed by WG Architects, the proposal seeks to provide one hundred and ninety seven (197) townhouses of a low-medium density, arranged in clusters of 2-7 in a row, with a maximum building height of 2 storeys (9.5m high). The proposal is within a Emerging Community zone and the former Cobbity Farm Bakery, which is now utilised for storage and logistics processes will be removed to facilitate the proposed development.

Designed by Simpson Rayner Surveys, the proposal seeks a Reconfiguration of a Lot (2 lot into 21 residential lots) over eight (8) stages.

Each dwelling is provided with private open space in the form of courtyards and balconies that have been positioned outwards along the site boundaries and inwards facing within the middle of the site. 9,650sqm has also been provided across three (3) communal open space areas.

Communal Open Space
– Eastern (6,000sqm)
– Northern (1,200sqm)
– Southern (2,450sqm)

The northern and southern areas are elongated in shape surrounded by dwellings. These communal areas provide lawn space, seating and pathways, creating an informal courtyard extension for each dwellings. The large eastern communal area provides lawn areas, pavilions, pathways, seating, gym, pool and decking. The site is also in close proximity to surrounding public parklands and sporting fields.

Development Mix
– Sixteen (16) x 2 bedroom townhouses
– One hundred and forty (140) x 3 bedroom townhouses
– Forty one (41) x 4 bedrooms townhouses

Proposed Lot Sizes
– 11 lots – 360sqm
– 8 lots – 450sqm
– 1 lot – 565sqm

Stage 1 – 21 Lots (14,150sqm)
Stage 2 – 34 townhouses (7,048sqm)
Stage 3 – 20 townhouses (3,763sqm)
Stage 4 – 33 townhouses (6,828sqm)
Stage 5 – 19 townhouses (3,270sqm)
Stage 6 – 29 townhouses (5,795sqm)
Stage 7 – 28 townhouses (5,475sqm)
Stage 8 – 34 townhouses (6,075sqm)

386 car park spaces are provided (356 residents and 30 visitor spaces), with main accesses provided to Ellen Street and Fursden Road via new internal roads. Pedestrian access is provided at 3 locations to Ellen Street and Fursden Road.

The planners at Wolter Consulting Group state, “the purpose of the Emerging community zone is to identify land that is intended for an urban purpose in the future; protect land that is identified for an urban purpose in the future from incompatible uses; and provide for the timely conversion of non-urban land to land for urban purposes. From the purpose of this zone, it is clear that the proposed development is generally consistent with the zone’s intent.”

The proposal is for 17,444sqm (39.39%) of site cover of over the 52,851sqm subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 10 July 2018
– Council Reference: A004967983
– Address: 179-193 Fursden Road, Carina
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Neighbourhood Plan: Carina-Carindale
– Town Planning Report: Wolter Consulting Group
– Architecture Drawings: WG Architects
– Landscape Architects: O2 Landscape
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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