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Education Masterplan – St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane


A Ministerial Infrastructure Designation has been lodged with the State Government for a development application seeking to upgrade and extend the existing education establishment, located at 82 Stephens Road South Brisbane.

Designed by Macksey Rush Architects, the proposal seeks a medium to long term master plan to provide new educational facilities across the campus and involve the demolition and refurbishment of several existing school buildings and the provision of new facilities. The proposed buildings seek a 6 storey maximum height with the bulk and scale screened through landscaping to reduce visual obtrusiveness, promote vegetation enhancement and provide privacy from neighbouring residents.

The proposed masterplan seeks the demolition of the existing library, cafe, staff car parking spaces and the removal of demountable buildings. Further minor demolition will be required to facilitate the proposed works and refurbishments over 6 stages.

Stage 1 – New Learning Centre
– Completed between 2022 to 2026
– 26,429sqm of gross floor area
– No demolition proposed
– A Library
– A home base for senior students
– Centre of excellence
– Music rehearsal space
– Car parking.

Stage 2 – Br Campbell & VAPA Refurbishments
– Completed between 2027 to 2032
– 26,251m of gross floor area
– Demolition of the library for café and staff spaces
– Strings demountable to be removed
– New campus stair
– VAPA rehearsal space refurbishment.

Stage 3 – Learning Centre Extension
– Completed between 2027 to 2032
– 28,921m of gross floor area
– No demolition proposed
– Laurie’s shop
– 400 seat auditorium
– Drama Rooms and locker zones.

Stage 4 – Aquatic Centre
– Completed between 2032 to Unknown Future date
– 25,251m of gross floor area
– Minor demolition
–  50m x 20m pool option
– Kiosk and function deck
– Change rooms and pump room.

Stage 5 – General Learning Building
– Completed between 2032 to Unknown Future date
– 25,951m of gross floor area
– Minor demolition
– 5 storey building
– Complete 2 storey link bridge
– 2 changerooms and equipment store.

Stage 6 – Additional Play Space
– Completed between 2032 to Unknown Future date
– No demolition proposed
– The construction of a new central open space

The planners at Place Design Group state, “ the Minister will be recognising the immediate and urgent need to facilitate the revitalisation of St Laurance’s College, focused on offering the best opportunities for the young generation of Brisbane to strive and succeed with their future ambitions. This will encourage the establishment of modern fit-for-purpose facilities and learning spaces for the School while maintaining the longevity of the Edmund Rice Catholic Schools in South-East Queensland”.

“The assessment provided throughout this EAR clearly illustrates that the proposed development reflects the relevant assessment benchmarks of the State and Council, and therefore is deemed to align with the community’s expectations for the subject site”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 26 April 2022
– Council: Brisbane City Council
– MID Reference: MID-0422-0598
– Address: 82 Stephens Road South Brisbane.
– Application Report: Place Design Group
– Design Drawings: Macksey Rush Architects
– Landscape Drawings: Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architect
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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