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Education Masterplan – Marist College, Ashgrove


A Ministerial Infrastructure Designation has been lodged with the State Government for a development application seeking to upgrade and extend the existing education establishment, located at 182 Frasers Road and 82 Moola Road, Ashgrove.

Designed by Phorm Architects, the proposal seeks a medium to long term master plan to provide a number of precincts across the campus and involve the demolition and alteration to several existing school buildings and the provision of new facilities.

The proposed masterplans seeks the demolition of the existing primary school, tuckshop and other buildings, the refurbishment of the Carrick Wing (Senior Classrooms), music room, staff building, Champagnat Centre, Dining Complex and Bralexis Turton Science Centre and new Library, primary school buildings, sporting pavilion and extensions to existing buildings onsite.

Demolition and Alteration Plan
Masterplan – New Precincts

Upper Campus Precinct
– Demolition of covered outdoor area + tuckshop
– New 3 storey Primary School Buildings (5 in total – 4,500sqm)
– New 4 storey Learning Hub Building (1,800sqm)
– Carrick East and West Wing Alterations (1,200sqm)
– Champagnat Centre Addition outdoor space (600sqm)
– Science Building Addition (350sqm)
– Covered walkway and Learning Area (1,200sqm)
– New pick‐up / set‐down operation in the Primary School

Art Walk Precinct
– Music Room Alteration (190sqm)
– New Music Annexe Building (1,300sqm)

The Tower Walk Precinct
– Partial demolition of existing Br. Andrews villa
– Dining Complex Alteration (3,000sqm)
– Paved outdoor walkway
– Proposed Car Park (26 staff and visitor spaces)

Oval 1 Precinct
– New BR Cyprian Pavilion (2,500sqm)

College Assembly Complex
– New 6 storey Assessable Complex (9,100sqm)

The planners at Urbicus state, “the bulk of the alternations and new builds are strategically located in the western portion of the. The campus green precinct and surrounds. The new primary building flanks the existing campus in the northwest portion of the site, interfacing with the Enoggera Army barracks and as such much of the proposal does not interface with existing residential housing stock. Combine this with the modest increase in students it is considered that the extensions to the College minimises
interfaces with residential zoned land”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 7 September 2021
– Council: Brisbane City Council
– MID Reference: MID-0921-0526
– Address: 182 Frasers Road and 82 Moola Road, Ashgrove
– Application Report: Urbicus
– Design Drawings: Phorm Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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