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Four Residential Towers & Parkland (Stage 1A) – Springfield Central, Ipswich


A development application has been lodged for four (4) residential towers and parkland, located at Eden Station Drive, Springfield Central.

Designed by Cottee Parker, the proposal seeks five hundred and three (503) high density units within four (4) residential towers that have a maximum building height of 12 storeys (108 metres high), one (1) real estate/sales office and one (1) club house (for exclusive use of residents only) and extensive parkland to be built over six (6) sub stages.

The site is within the Town Centre designation and has been previously cleared for the development of the Springfield Town Centre North Precinct and remains vacant to facilitate the proposal.

Development Details
– Building D (western apartment building)
– Building E (central apartment building)
– Building F (eastern apartment building)
– Building M (Eden Station Drive and Brookwater Drive)
– Real Estate/Sales Office & Clubhouse (common building on Eden station Drive)

Building D
– western apartment building
– Eden Station Drive and internal road location
– ninety nine x 1 bedroom units
– thirty eight x 2 bedroom units
– twelve x 2 bedroom + study units
– communal rooftop recreation space

Building E
– central apartment building
– internal road location
– forty two x 1 bedroom units
– thirty forty x 2 bedroom units
– sixteen x 3 bedroom units
– communal rooftop recreation space

Building F
– eastern apartment building
– internal road location
– two x 1 bedroom units
– forty two x 42 bedroom units
– twenty eight x 3 bedroom units
– communal rooftop recreation space

Building M
– western apartment building
– Eden Station Drive and Brookwater Drive
– one hundred and two x 1 bedroom units
– sixty eight x 42 bedroom units
– twelve x 2 bedroom + study units
– retail space (885sqm)
– communal rooftop recreation space

Real Estate/Sales Office & Clubhouse
– common building on Eden station Drive
– cinema
– pool
– gym
– sauna
– steam room
– yoga room
– gaming room
– amenities

The proposed development provides private open space in the form of terraces and balconies for every unit. Communal open space is provided on the rooftops of each towers and residents have access to the communal clubhouse and surrounding open space area.

Outdoor Spaces
– Fitness Trail and Meeting Plaza
– Outdoor Gym
– Lookout
– Swimming Pool
– Outdoor Reception Room
– Shelters & Outdoor Bbqs
– Playground and Pet/Dog Park
– Resting Spaces
– Dedicated Open Space
– Community Gardens
– Sport Facilities
– Pedestrian Plaza
– Amphitheatre
– Lawns

The proposal contains 617 car parking spaces (523 residential, 17 retail, 7 sales office and 35 visitor space) are provided within basement and podium levels of the proposed towers. Pedestrian access is provided throughout and primary vehicle access is provided to the new internal street, via an intersection off Eden Station Drive. Building M will be accessed via Brookwater Drive and Building D will be accessed directly off Eden Station Drive.

The planners at Cardno (Qld)  state, Buildings D, E, F, M and the Clubhouse/Sales Centre, forming Stage 1A have been designed in a manner that the built form responds to the unique character of the site through its scale, form and materiality. Responding to the topography of the site, the building heights are scaled to create dynamic ‘gateways’ at the entrances to the precinct, scaling down to transition to the human-scale of the internal parklands. Setbacks and scaled transitions allow for a more sympathetic interface with the public realm and maximise amenity”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 14 April 2020
– Council Reference: 10118/2019/ADP
– Address: 7001 Eden Station Drive, Springfield Central
– Zone: Town Centre designation
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: Cardno (Qld)
– Architect Drawings: Cottee Parker
– Landscape Architects: Urbis
– Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from ICC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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