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$10 Million World-Class Eco Resort – Main Range National Park, Warwick


The State Government has partnered with Spicers Retreat to build the largest ecotourism project ever seen in Queensland and is expected to open in April 2020.

A $2.5 million contribution by the State Government will support the $10 million project and open the Scenic Rim Trail for a world class, long range, six-day, five-night walking experiences.

Kate Jones, Tourism minister said “the expanded walk would attract an extra 1300 tourists a year and pump an extra $5 million into the local economy including 27 kilometres of new public walking trails – making the entire walk more than 50 kilometres long. It will run from Thornton Trailhead to Spicers Peak Nature Refuge, within and adjacent to the Main Range National Park and the Gondwana Rainforests.”

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) has issued authorities allowing for construction of the facilities after approval from the Australian Government in July 2019, thus ensuring that the Park’s natural and cultural heritage values are protected, and the proposal is ecologically sustainable.

Jude Turner, founder of Spicers Retreats and Spicers Scenic Rim Trail welcomed the State Government’s funding commitment.

“Having grown up in this region, my passion has always been to share it with others”. “The Queensland Government has supported ecotourism and the opportunity to share our incredible natural assets, as well as create local jobs and support the regional economy.” Mrs Turner said.

Each tour of approximately 12 guided walkers will hike to a new location each day and stay overnight in two new low-impact sustainable eco-camps within the Main Range National Park and three existing sites adjacent to the national park.

The key infrastructure includes the modular prefabricated buildings with connecting raised walkways and supporting infrastructure, including water tanks, solar energy and low amber lights to minimise nocturnal animal disruption.

New Eco-Camps in the Main Range National Park
– Amphitheatre Eco-camp
– Timber Getters Eco-camp

Project Details
– 1 x common building
– 2 x communal bathrooms
– 7 x individual sleeping cabins
– 1 x effluent (black and grey water) system
– 1 x bushfire bunker
– 5 x 20,000 litre water tanks
– solar power to supply renewable energy.

Existing sites adjacent to 
Hidden Vale Retreat
Mt Mistake Farmhouse
Hidden Peaks Cabins

Once finished, the 50km Scenic Rim Trail will cover two private properties, a nature reserve and adjacent national park within in southeast Queensland’s high country. The project is aimed at being one of the ‘Great Walks of Australia’ and be supported by the two new eco-camps at the Main Range National Park.

The 50km trail will provide walkers a vast range of scenery and terrain, from eucalyptus forests, outcrops on mountain ridge lines and sub-tropical rain forests. The trail will begin at Mount Mistake and extend from Spicers Hidden Vale and run along Main Range National Park to Mount Greville.

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All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
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