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Draft Graceville Riverside Parklands – $100 Million Oxley Creek Revitalisation, Brisbane


The Brisbane City Council has announced the release of the Draft Precinct Plan for the Graceville Riverside Parklands.

The Graceville Riverside Parklands Precinct is situated at the northern-most end of the Oxley Creek corridor that includes a Graceville Riverside Parkland, Simpsons Playground, Nadine Street Park, Graceville Avenue Park and Bert St Clair Oval. The location is a key entry point to the 20-kilometre Oxley Creek corridor and a destination for water-based activity and recreation.

The Draft Precinct Plan for the Graceville Riverside Parklands is currently within a four week community consultation period and to collect feedback for the vision of the underutilised prime waterfront location. The location has existing community facilities and greenspaces needed to design a dynamic riverside destination.

Parkland Objectives
– Improving visual and physical connections to the river and creek.
Upgrading the existing picnic and play facilities.
– Improving the parkland’s vehicle entry and parking.
– Acknowledging the possibility of flooding in the design and delivery of new Parkland infrastructure.
– Maintaining and, where possible, supporting the enhancement of the existing local Club lease facilities.
– Celebrating the mature trees located within the Parkland.
– Supporting corridor-wide improvements to water quality, bank stability and riparian habitat.

Community Consultation
Held between 9 November 2020 – 6 December 2020

Key Timelines
– November 2020 – Community Ideas Day
– 9 November 2020 – Release of Draft Precinct Plan
– November to December 2020 – Community feedback on draft Precinct Plan
– 2021 – Incorporation of community feedback and release of final Precinct Plan
– From 2021 – Detailed planning, design and delivery

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The Information and References
Draft Precinct Plan for the Graceville Riverside Parklands
Oxley Creek Project
Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan
Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan Priority Projects

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