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Development Scheme Consultation – Boggo Road PDA


The State Government has proposed a development scheme and supporting documentation for public comment regarding the priority development area (PDA) declared for Boggo Road.

The proposed scheme seeks to reinforce the innovation precinct, by accommodating land uses realted to health and knowledge that will leverage off the public infrastructure. The provision of knowledge activities will provide for job growth in health, science and education services.

A development scheme has been prepared and is available for public comment between 23 February 2022 and 6 April 2022 – HERE

Boggo Road CRR PDA Structural elements plan

: Boggo Road knowledge and innovation precinct5

The proposed development scheme includes a movement corridor guideline for Kent Street  that seeks to addresses the constrained corridor, being Kent Street and Laundry Drive). The Draft docuement from the Dutton Park station to the pedestrian/cycle bridge that forms part of the Cross River Rail Project. Access to the draft can be found – HERE

A fees and offset plan has been provided to aid development identify infrastructure required to service the PDA, with the charges for development calculated, levied and administered. The Draft Development Charges and Offset Plan is also available for public comment. Access to the draft can be found – HERE

For further information, including how to make a submission, click here.

Both the Brisbane City Council and EDQ have signed off on the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority docuements for consultation, as well as other relevant state agencies and specialist planning consultants.

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