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Master Plan – Deagon Racecourse


The State Government has announced the modernisation of the State Training Centre at the Deagon Racecourse will occur through a new master plan.

The master plan will seek to revitalise the precinct, activate unused space, provide new commercial uses and additional open green space for the public to use.

Community consultation will form part of the process to provide the local residences and racing community the opportunity to have their say on the formation of the mater plan.

Stirling Hinchliffe, Member for Sandgate and the Racing Minister announced that the master plan project will be open for community consultation and encourages the local residents to have their say.

“An up-to-date and outward facing State Training Centre for thoroughbreds would be a game changer for Deagon”. “In addition to the racing and commercial opportunities, the concept master planning will explore additional green space areas that could provide an integral piece of community infrastructure.” Mr Hinchliffe said

The site is bound by the Gateway Motorway, Board Street and Racecourse Road and is adjacent to the Deagon Wetland Reserve and large playing fields. The master planning process would seek to retain the Deagon heritage equine precinct requirements while exploring a range of commercial opportunities in new buildings fronting Broad Street and connections to the existing local pedestrian pathway network.

Project Details
– Racecourse site enhancements
– Improved training racing facility
– Integrated training and education complex
– Commercial uses
– Community space
– Veterinary
– Overall site revitalisation

Mr Hinchliffe outlined that local residents will get a chance to have their say on the master planning through community consultation which will commence later this year.

“This is about enhancing Deagon’s status as a training hub while creating an inclusive community space for the enjoyment of local residents” . “A new and improved Deagon will also bring important economic benefits and is expected to create 60 new racing jobs on site, along with dozens more during the construction phase”. “Additionally, the increased presence of trainers, jockeys, stable hands and farriers is expected to inject millions into the 4017 economy.” Mr Hinchliffe said.

The Sandgate District Neighbourhood Plan is seen to align the master planning project and complement Brisbane City Council’s process.

Jared Cassidy, Brisbane City Council councillor for the Deagon Ward expressed his support for the project.

“The racecourse has been identified by Council as a catalytic site”. “I’m pleased that consideration of Deagon’s future use will align with the neighbourhood plan.” Mr Cassidy said.

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