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Construction commences on $7.5 Million Cycleway, Highfields to Toowoomba


As part of the state government’s $219 million commitment to bike infrastructure across Queensland, work has commenced on the Toowoomba and Highfields Bikeway.

Worth $7.5 million, it can’t come soon enough s at present cyclists have to navigate the busy New England Highway.

The new two lane three metre bike path will support 20 jobs while being built and will be welcomed by the community.

Project info
– Delivered under the Queensland Cycling Strategy 2017-2027
– Identified as a priority location for a dedicated cycleway
– Offer residents of surrounding suburbs a safe active transport option into the Toowoomba.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Transport and Main Roads agrees, “the bikeway will usher in a higher level of safety among students. As with the Toowoomba bypass locals want less congestion, and jobs created during building. Getting people out of vehicles is a priority.”

Current cyclists are looking forward to seeing fellow students joining the throng by cycling the bikeway. With Christmas nearly on us what better time to hit Santa or realistically Mum and Dad up for a new bike.

Hugh Wilson, spokes person for TRBUG (Toowoomba Region Bicycle Users Group) said that members take the Gowrie Junction route at present and dream about riding off road from Highfields to Toowoomba even if mounted on an e-bike.

“TRBUG who have been involved in planning with the Transport and Main Roads congratulates staff involved in the project and the Minister for his enthusiastic support for the new route” he further stated. Bicycle Queensland spokesperson Andrew Demack said that “bikeways are a great investment in making active transport available to everyone”.


– Cycling a safer and more accessible active transport option
– Allow students to safely cycle to and from school
– Recreational use.

Richard Brown, Principal at Toowoomba Christian College mentioned that students were excited about the bikeway.

“This bikeway will be suitable for ages 8 to 80 allowing each one of us to fit 30 minutes of daily exercise into our lives”.

“The great thing about using a bike – or an e-bike (if you must) for transport is that you get to your destination AND you’ve overcome your own personal physical inactivity problem.”

“Let’s keep building liveable, active, connected communities across Queensland.”

– Construction expected – August 2019
– Completed – late June 2020.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from the referenced locations.
– Address: Cawdor Road intersection to Toowoomba Christian College, along the New England Highway, Highfields
– Information: Highfields-to-Toowoomba-Cycleway
– Media Statement: $7.5 million Highfields bikeway off to a winning start
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview


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