Approved – Costco Coming to Ipswich


A development application has been approved for a Costco Wholesale Warehouse and Service Station, located at 51 Ashburn Road, Bundamba (Citiswich Business Park).

Designed by Group GSA the approval is for a Supermarket (wholesale), Retail Warehouse within a large retail format and separate Service Station on the site. The building is of an international format with a maximum building height of 1 storey (11.37m maximum).

The new Ipswich Costco seeks to provide a range of products typically found in a Costco Warehouse. From frozen, fresh and processed food, clothing, jewellery, leisure goods, home appliances, office/business products, electrical and homewares sold in bulk quantities. Also optical glasses, hearing aids, caskets, spa baths, garden sheds and vehicle tyres are available.

Development Details
– Food Service (113.7sqm)
– Tyre Centre (210.4sqm)
– Sales Area/Warehouse (13,298sqm)

An office, staff locker room, showers and amenities are located in the north western corner of the building. The northern portion of the building is allocated to the Tyre Centre, where customers can purchase new tyres and have them fitted on site. A dedicated parking area for the Tyre Centre is provided close to the service bays. The remaining warehouse area is for the display of products, goods and services supplied to the public.

Service Station
A pay at the pump service station (limited to members only) is positioned in the north-west portion of the site at the corner of Ashburn Road and the new access road running along the western boundary. The facility does not include a shop and provides 12 fuel pumps and 2 high flow diesel pumps.

The proposal sought a 24 hours a day/7 days per week trading time, as this could be for the service station or minor activities may occur within the warehouse including night fill.

Public Hours of Operation
Costco Wholesale Warehouse
– 10am – 8.30pm (Monday – Friday)
– 9am – 6.30pm (Saturday)
– 10am – 6.30pm (Sunday)

Costco Service Station
– 6am – 9.30pm (Monday – Friday)
– 6am – 7.30pm (Saturday)
– 7am – 7pm (Sunday)

The proposal included landscaped edges along the road property boundaries, with pedestrian connections provided throughout the car park area to the provided footpaths. Loading zones and a truck manoeuvring area has been provided along the eastern and southern boundaries.

A total of 825 car parking spaces are proposed including 17 spaces for accessible parking. 4 customer driveway locations have been provided (differing direction restrictions) 2 provided to Ashburn Road and 2 to the new local road. Truck deliveries will exit/enter via a separate access to the new local road.

The planners at Ethos Urban state,“Citiswich has been developed to accommodate regionally significant business enterprises through establishing large unconstrained land parcels with excellent access to transportation networks and proximity to a growing urban population. The proposed Costco Wholesale Warehouse will further reinforce the regionally significant business enterprises within Citiswich”.

The approval is for 13,759.9sqm of GFA over the 6.33ha site area of the 20.6h subject site.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 31 August 2017
– Date Approved: 27 February 2018
– Council: Ipswich City Council
– Council Reference: CA-6421/2017
– Address: 51 Ashburn Road, Bundamba
– Zone: Regional Business and Industry
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Application Report: Ethos Urban
– Design Drawings: Group GSA
– Costco Images: North Lakes Store (Similar)
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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