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Community Health & Wellbeing Precinct – Clem Jones Centre, Carina


A development application has been lodged for the expansion of the Clem Jones Centre Building to provide a number of new community health, wellbeing and recreational services, located within the south western corner of the site, at 401 Stanley Road, Carina.

Designed by Think Tank Architects , the proposal seeks the extension and improvements to the existing sports and recreational complex to provide a mix of aquatic centre functions and ancillary activities, such a child minding and food service activities, combined with the construction of medical and allied health, sports administration and possible education and training facilities.

Demolition Plan For Each Stage

The layout of the existing buildings will be amended with the demolition of existing 1 and 2 storey buildings to facilitate the expansion and improved facilities over four stages. The proposal seeks to provide contemporary designed buildings to provide for additional tenancy floorspace, targeted at sporting related allied health services, peak and second tier sporting organisations, as well as other community partners. 

The proposal will expand on traditional gym, recreation, and fitness facilities to provide a hub of complementary health care services with the intent of promoting well being and rehabilitation.

New Building Layout Plan For Each Stage

– Total proposed GFA: 334.3sqm
– Total proposed Site Cover: 450sqm
Ground Level
– Reception (65.8sqm)
– Beauty Salon (57.6sqm)
– Kids Club (127.9sqm)
– Secure Outdoor (165sqm)
Level 1
– Offices (72.9 Sqm)

Ground Floor Plan For Each Stage

– Removal of 842sqm of existing GFA
– Removal of 783sqm of existing Site Cover
– Total proposed GFA: 1656sqm (171.8sqm retained and refurbished)
– Total proposed site cover: 1170sqm (including the building to be maintained)
– 23 car parking spaces
Level 1
– Medical Suites (707sqm)
Level 2
– Peak Sporting Body’s (707sqm)

First Floor Plan For Each Stage

– Removal of 577sqm of existing GFA
– Removal of 388sqm of existing Site Cover
– Total GFA: 935.5sqm
– Total site cover: 572sqm
– 17 car parking spaces
Level 1
– Medical Suites (462sqm)
Level 2
– Peak Sporting Body’s (462sqm)

Second Floor Plan For Each Stage

– Removal of 210sqm of existing GFA
– Removal of 210sqm of existing Site Cover
– Total GFA: 376sqm
– Total site cover: 489sqm
Ground Floor
– Indoor Areas (279.6sqm)
– Alfresco Area (160sqm)
– General Toilets (96.4sqm)

The proposal provides an additional 40 car park spaces within a new car parking area located to the along Zahel Street frontage and the existing existing car parking area to the west of the centre is also proposed to be modified from 112 spaces to 83 spaces in order to improve the operation and circulation of the car parking. Vehicle access provided to Zahel Street is retained. Pedestrian access is provided front the existing local shopping centre and does not propose any connections from the local street network.

The planners at Urban Strategies state, “The architectural design considers the significance of the development and reflects the cutting edge facilities creating a streetscape vocabulary inspired by and using innovative forms referencing the aquatic nature of the facility, the technological core of the project and innovative function. The proposal will also involve an update to the existing buildings that are to be maintained on site with new building skins and complimentary detailing”.

“Screening and light-weight elements are interwoven within the building fabric and are enhanced with balconies and roofing that create liveable outdoor spaces. Abundant deep planting, shaded areas and glass facades ensure the building responds to the unique climate”.

“The design also considers the character of the surrounding neighbourhood through the scale and built form of the proposed buildings. The facade bulk is also broken down into sub elements with proportions that ensure a village feel appropriate to the suburban location. Colours are also used to reduce the scale and provide a palette contextual for the central aquatic facilities”.

The proposal seeks an addition of 1672sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 2,681sqm of site cover over the  subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 20 August 202
– Council Reference: A005525641
– Address: 401 Stanley Road, Carina
– Zone: Sport and Recreation (District)
– Neighbourhood Plan: None
– Town Planning Report: Urban Strategies
– Architecture Drawings: Think Tank Architects
– Landscape Drawings: Butler & Webb
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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