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Community Centre – Park Road, Yeronga


A development application has been lodged for a Community Centre within the ‘Parkside Yeronga’, located at 70 Park Road, Yeronga.

The site is in proximity to Yeronga train station, State Primary School, State High School and Yeronga Memorial Park.

Designed by Archipelago, the proposal has been named ‘Parkside Yeronga’ that seeks the ultimate redevelopment of the the former TAFE site, under the Yeronga Priority Development Area (Yeronga PDA).

The proposal seeks a two storey multi-purpose use community building, with a maximum building height (approximately 8.75 AHD high) fronts the adjoining Public Plaza between the Yerong Commerical Building. The new building has been designed to address the steep topography of the site, provding pedestrian access from Villa Street.

The public plaza provides a is integrated with the proposed Public Plaza adjoining the site to the west that includes a pedestrian link between Villa Street and the proposed Green Spine that will adjoin East Road.

Development Details
GFA (773.5sqm of GFA)
– two storey in height
– range of community-based uses and activities
– meeting rooms, associated amenities
– storage space and a lobby space.
– ‘welcome hub’ to the community centre
– mix of multipurpose, meeting and staff rooms
– outdoor space, orientated to the west and south
– maximised overlooking and activation
– 16 car parking spaces

The proposal includes co-located basement car parking created by the Commercial Precinct ( DEV2021/1221) with 16 vehicle access provided to South Road. 

The planners at Ethos Urban state, “The proposal provides an integrated, multi-purpose community centre, capable of facilitating an array of community activities that will directly benefit the Yeronga and Brisbane community, providing enhanced facilitates accessible to an array of established community originations and groups, as well as the future Parkside Yeronga residents”.

“Integrating with the adjoining Public Plaza and commercial development (EDQ Ref: DEV2021/1257), the proposal will contribute to the creation of a focal point within the PDA and a space for community to meet and connect within the Public Plaza. The built form response is sensitive and responsive to its setting, the topography and surrounding land uses”.

The proposal includes 773.5sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 784sqm (84.3%) site cover over the 930sqm development site, which forms part of the 3.3ha overall site.

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The Application Information and References

– Lodged: February 2022
– EDQ Reference: DEV2022/1264
– Address: 70 Park Road, Yeronga
– PDA: Yeronga Priority Development Area
– Name: Parkside Yeronga
– Precinct: Community Precinct
– Application Report: Ethos Urban
– Architect Drawings: Archipelago
– Landscape Drawings: Archipelago
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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