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Commercial Office Tower & Mixed Uses – North Quay, Brisbane City


A development application has been lodged for a Commercial Tower with a mix of land uses, located 205 North Quay and 26 – 30 Herschel Street, Brisbane City.

Designed by Hassel, REX and Richards and Spence, the proposal seeks commercial offices, childcare centre and wellness centre integrated into a thirty eight (38) storey tower. The proposal seeks the demolition of the existing three (3) commercial buildings across the site to facilitate the proposed development. The proposal includes a 2 storey podium that provides retail tenancies, function facility, pedestrian plaza, restaurant and bar.

Development Details
– commercial offices
– childcare centre
– wellness centre
– retail tenancies
– function facility
– pedestrian plaza
– restaurant and bar.

The proposed development includes three (3) basement floor to provide 116 car parking spaces, 2 motorcycle parking spaces, 2 PWD spaces and 390 bicycle parking.  The basement is provided a separate access from Herschel Street, with the service vehicle loading area accessed from North Quay.

Ground Floor
Podium Floor 1
Podium Floor 2

The ground level includes an activated pedestrian plaza with food and drink outlets, stairs and escalators to the first floor. Pedestrian access is provided via a public laneway from North Quay or locations along Herschel Street.

Podium 1
A restaurant and bar is positioned to the corner of North Quay and Herschel Street and function centre terrace and auditorium to the other end of the floor, overlooking the plaza floor below.

Podium 2
A large commercial floor lobby, cafe and lift access to the 38 storey office tower, as well as the wellness centre (floor 1) and childcare centre (floor 2).

Floor 1
Floor 2

Floor 1
– Wellness Centre
– Swimming pool

Floor 2
– Childcare Centre

River Rise Floors 4 -15
– Amenities
– Lobby and amenities
– Outdoor Terrace
– Stairs and 6 lift wells.

High Rise Floors 16 -26
– Amenities
– Lobby and amenities
– Outdoor Terrace
– Stairs and 6 lift wells.

Floors 4 -15
Floors 16 -26

Floors 27 -35
Floor 36

Sky Rise Floors 27 -35
– Amenities
– Lobby and amenities
– Outdoor Terrace
– Stairs and 6 lift wells.

Floor 36
– Amenities
– Meeting area
– Landscaped Terrace
– Collaboration area
– Kitchen area

The planners at Urbis, state “The proposal will promote the clustering of business uses and promote an increase in the intensity of uses within the CBD. Furthermore, the development effectively promotes Brisbane’s vision as a new world city by providing a unique and noteworthy addition to the city’s skyline, and specifically seeking to achieve the outcomes of the Buildings that Breathe Design Guideline. The development offers a mix of uses and diversifies the offering of services within the CBD which also supports the intent and purpose of the Principal Centre Zone and city centre area.

The proposal is for 61,893.50sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 2,044.47sqm (69%) of site cover over the 2,963sqm subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 8 July 2020
– Council Reference: A005493795
– Address: 205 North Quay and 26 & 30 Herschel Street, Brisbane City
– Zone: Principal Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: City Centre
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Hassel, REX and Richards and Spence
– Landscape Design: Arcadia
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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