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30 Multiple Dwellings – 45A & 47 Clarence Road, Indooroopilly


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings located at 45A & 47 Clarence Road, Indooroopilly.

Designed by Rothe Lowman the proposal seeks thirty (30) Medium Density units with a maximum building height of 6 storeys. The existing single detached dwellings will be removed to facilitate the proposed development. The site is within the Medium Density Residential zone and has road frontage to Clarence Road.

Development Mix
– Fourteen (14) x 1 bedroom apartments
– Fourteen (14) x 2 bedroom apartments
– Two (2) x 3 bedroom apartments

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The architecture, Rothe Lowman makes the following statement about the design of the proposal, “Lying on the fringe of a medium density neighbourhood, the project looks to break down the disparity in form and language that exists between the different zones.

The project will acknowledge the existing character of Indooroopilly by respecting the transition in built density and subtropical landscape.The proposal will enhance and activate the street frontage to create a pedestrian friendly residential address. The communal areas seek to provide additional amenity to residents allowing flexibility in the way they live in Indooroopilly, while complimenting the apartment spaces.

It is envisaged that this development will enhance the visual character and quality of the medium density built form along Clarence Road while providing an architecturally sensitive responsive to the existing context.”

96Larc Collective Landscape Architects has made the following landscape design statement about the proposal, “The proposed landscape will offer traditional deep planting to screen and green the proposed built form, adding a textural and natural layer to the architectural statement. Subtropical plantings and external hard materials will be manipulated to provide pleasant private open spaces for each of the residents, providing a balanced and healthy development.”

Landscaping features:
– A mix of sculptural subtropical planting that will assist in softening, screening and greening the site.
– The Clarence Rd streetscape will include shade tree planting via new tree planting and hardstand shading
– The Rooftop Communal recreation space/garden will provide active recreation facilities and be planted with a combination of sculptural shrubs and grasses (to raised planters), and flowering climbers over the pergola structures

The proposal provides private open space in the form of balconies. Landscaped deep planting of 167sqm has been provided and 130sqm of communal open space, including rooftop level communal recreation areas comprising BBQ and outdoor dining facilities and landscaped areas.

The proposal provides 35 car parks (31 residential parking spaces which includes 12 resident car parking spaces located within 6 car stackers at level 1). Included also is 4 visitor parking spaces; 1 motorbike park; and storage space for 38 bicycles) within the basement / first floor and access proposed via Clarence Road. A total GFA of 2,703sqm is proposed, with 594sqm (59%) site cover of the 1,002sqm development site

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According to the planners at Urbis, “The proposal represents sound planning, will not result in any potential adverse impacts on the amenity of the surrounding environment and is considered appropriate within its locality. The height and bulk of the proposed development are not inconsistent with the intents for the area and the ongoing renewal in the Indooroopilly growth corridor area. The proposal provides a unique mix of residential dwellings that utilise exceptional architecture and attractive streetscape and outdoor recreation treatments to achieve a feature building based on subtropical design characteristics”.

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The application was lodged 26 July 2016 @ 45A & 47 Clarence Road, Indooroopilly . Source: Report prepared by Urbis, Development Plans prepared by Rothe Lowmanh and landscapeing plans by Larc Collective Landscape Architects. All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council reference: A004442159 for more information.

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