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CityCat Terminal Upgrade – Mowbray Park, East Brisbane


A development application has been lodged for a dual birth CityCat terminal to improved accessibility and services, located at Mowbray Park Ferry Terminal, 31A Park Avenue, East Brisbane.

Designed by City Projects Office the proposal is to enhanced safety, security, lighting and accessibility of the next terminal. The slim roof design will reduce the visual impact of the new terminal on the view lines to and from Mowbray Park.

Development Detail
– Demolition of existing piles, pontoon. gangway and pathway, pavement, signage, handrails
– Removal, relocation or refurbishment and installation of equipment, furniture, signage
– Removal of non-significant vegetation where in conflict with proposed new works
– Installation of two (2) new fender piles, four (4) new restraint piles
– Installation of prefabricated covered pontoon, and prefabricated gangway
– Installation and construction of concrete walkway with glass balustrades, waiting area
– Installation of two gates for dual CityCat berthing
– Construction of new or raised pavement, ramping, pathways and stairs (
– Construction of a new retaining wall to create required grades for compliant access.
– New landscaping, tree planting, signage, lighting and other minor park embellishments.
– Installation or realignment of services
– Provision of two (2) additional PWD car parking spaces with chevroned shared areas.

The planners at City Projects Offic outlines  “The ferry terminal is well utilised both in terms of commuter and recreational patronage and provides an important public transport link between East Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, the Brisbane CBD and prominent open space and civic areas along the Brisbane River”.

“The design of the upgraded ferry terminal will be in keeping with Council’s recently upgraded ferry terminals, but also tailored to provide a contextually appropriate design response recognising the importance of heritage, view lines and amenity of Mow bray Park. The upgraded terminal, along with being of a flood resilient design, will also be compliant with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT).”

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 23 October 2020
– Council Reference: A005577142
– Address: Mowbray Park Ferry Terminal, 31A Park Avenue, East Brisbane
– Zone: Special purpose (utility services)
– Neighbourhood Plan: East Brisbane-Coorparoo district
– Town Planning Report: City Projects Office
– Architecture Drawings: City Projects Office
– Heritage Report: Urbis
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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