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Childcare Centre Redevelopment – Blaker Road, Mitchelton


A development application has been lodged for a Childcare Centre, located at 112 Blaker Road & 106 Church Road, Mitchelton.

Designed by Raymond Design, the proposal seeks a large two storey childcare centre over the site, with a maximum building height (approximately 9.5m high) surrounded by an existing residential area. The new childcare centre will be constructed in a sequence of two stages so that the existing childcare centre can operate during construction.

The proposal will demolish the existing single dwelling and the childcare centre to facilitate the redevelopment that will be over the two combined properties. The proposal includes acoustic mitigation measures, landscaping screening and setbacks to avoid any unreasonable adverse impacts.

Stage 1 (Total 139 Places)
– Demolition of the existing dwelling house, car park and associated improvements
– Construction of 64 place childcare centre on the corner of Blaker Road and Church Road
– Retention of the existing 75 place childcare centre
– 30 car parking spaces (18 Staff) and 1 disabled space on the ground floor
– Pedestrian access is provided from Blaker Road
– New temporary pedestrian access and demountable reception from Church Road
– Vehicle Access is via Blaker Road (Slip Lane)
– 2m wide landscaping buffer along the southern boundary
– Retained existing timber fencing on the southern boundary
– Acoustic fencing

Stage 1 completed

Stage 1 and 2 completed

Stage 2 (Total 150 Places)
– Removal of existing 75 place childcare centre
– Associated improvements including the demountable building
– Construction of the proposed extension.
– 2m wide landscaping buffer along the southern boundary
– Retained existing timber fencing on the southern boundary
– Acoustic fencing
– Operation of the new building accommodating 84 children
– 2m acoustic fence during this stage.

Development Details
GFA 901.9sqm of gross floor area
– 150 children
– redevelopment of the site over 2 stages
– two storey in height
– 2 elevated outdoor play area
– Areas of undercover play area
– 8 activity rooms
– Acoustic treatments
– 30 car parking spaces

Hours of Operation
6:30am – 6:30pm, Monday to Friday

The proposed childcare centre includes 30 car parking spaces (one (1) PWD) within an undercroft car park area. All vehicle and pedestrian access are provided to Blacker Road.

The planners at Urbicus state, “Whilst the Low density residential zone is intended to accommodate detached dwellings, the zone allows ‘development for nonresidential uses that serves a local community facility need only, such as a child care centre, and is of a bulk and scale that is compatible with and integrates with the built form intent for the Low density residential zone’”.

“Acknowledging the existing use of the site and current approval, in conjunction with the needs assessment submitted, a new and extended child care centre is considered to have merit on the subject site. Sufficient justification against the Low density residential zone code and Child care centre code should be provided, including submission of the needs assessment provided. No further need analysis is considered necessary”.

The proposal includes 901.9sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 1,359.3sqm (57.5%) site cover over the 2,364sqm development site.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 8 March 2022
– Council Reference: A005963126
– Address: 112 Blaker Road & 106 Church Road, Mitchelton
– Zone: Low Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan:
– Application Report: Urbicus
– Design Drawings: Raymond Design
– Landscape Drawings: ASdesign
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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