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$5 Million Central Plaza – James Cook University, Townsville


A$5 million new social and entertainment hub has opened within the heart of James Cook University (JCU), Townsville.

Designed by Cox Architecture, the new public space known as Central Plaza has opened as the centrepiece between the Science Place and the future Technology Innovation Complex within the JCU Douglas campus. The design includes a curved roof that appears to change shape when viewed from different perspectives.

Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development outlined that the $5 million co-investment to build Central Plaza activates part of a much bigger picture for the university.

“JCU Douglas is transforming and Central Plaza will be fundamental in the growth of the university’s knowledge community and the broader health and knowledge precinct”.

“The $5 million co-investment via our Catalyst Infrastructure Program has facilitated and accelerated this project, which will deliver benefits to students for many years to come”, Mr Dick said.

Coralee O’Rourke, Minister for Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and Member for Mundingburra outlined that the project supports the next stage of JCU’s transformation, the Ideas Market.

“Built with a staggering 34 tonnes of structural steel and 470 cubic metres of concrete, the construction of Central Plaza is a fine addition to JCU Douglas”.

“Along with the connectivity, students and staff will be able to enjoy a large LED screen, seating, 3000 square metres of turf, a water feature, and year-round shade and shelter from Townsville’s climate,” Mrs O’Rourke said.

Sandra Harding,Vice Chancellor Professor for JCU  said Central Plaza was designed by Cox Architecture and will provide students with an enhanced campus experience.

“The underside of the canopy displays an impressive 405 m² artwork by Indigenous artist Megan Cope as part of her ‘After the Flood’ series”.

“Consisting of 479 artwork panels, the canopy illustrates how environment, identity, geomorphology and mapping are interwoven over time”.

“The components of Central Plaza are arranged and aligned along the Magnetic Island Axis, which runs through the heart of the campus”.

“This axis links key components of the James Birrell-designed campus including the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and our connection to the Townsville University Hospital”, Prof. Harding said.

Scott Stewart, Member for Townsville outlined that Central Plaza and the revitalised public precinct would help attract more students to the city.

These sorts of additions create a real identity for a campus, and by doing so you’re helping to boost enrolments, both from our region and overseas,” Mr Stewart said.

Aaron Harper, Member for Thuringowa outlined that the delivered hub and green space is an extension of north Queensland.

“The design, finishes and landscaping all channel the natural beauty and urban identity found in our part of the world. Students will love Central Plaza,” Mr Harper said.

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– Media Release – Central Plaza centrepiece opens at James Cook University Douglas campus
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– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview


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