$18 Million Car Park Redevelopment – Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has announced new Car Park and Retail redevelopment will be located on Brisbane Road in Mooloolaba.

The new $18 million public car park will be eight storeys in height and will be able to accommodate over 700 car parking spaces on the multiple levels, with 54 motorcycle spaces and 50 bicycle spaces also available.

New commercial retail tenancies will be provided on the  ground floor to activate the space and provide further passive surveillance.  Way finding signage and lighting will be provide for the car parking area. Evans Built were given the role in May 2019 to design and construct the multi-deck car park on the land facing Smith Street and First Avenue.

Project benefits
– Additional car parking for visitors, businesses and also residents
– Parks, shops and cafe/restaurants with increased parking availability
– New retail on the the ground floor.

External Feature Details
– Natural environment and local Mooloolaba references
– Light and shadow represents flow and movement of water
– Vertical elements hint at mooring posts for boats
– Water references form a key element of the overall design connecting

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Announcement: Mooloolaba Car Park
Images: Sunshine Coast Regional Council


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