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Caboolture West – First Urban Growth Area for SEQ


The State Government has announced a new suburb at Caboolture West has been selected as a pilot site to accelerate land supply in South East Queensland.

The site is the first to be selected by the new Growth Areas Delivery Team, who were formed as a task force to promptly investigate the potential land for future urban development in South East Queensland.

Once of the main aims is to ensure infrastructure and affordable housing is included within the rise in population growth.

Caboolture West Area

Steven Miles, Minister for Planning outlined that the first priority of the new team was to located a site allowing the state and local governments to work together with private industry and utility providers to support future housing needs.

“Neighbourhood Development Plan 1 within Caboolture West, will be the first pilot site in a future growth program which will unlock growth, housing choice and affordability”. “Work will also identify the infrastructure necessary to support more affordable, livable communities”.

“This is all part of the Government’s economic recovery plan, to create more jobs and development in our state”. “The specialist team moved quickly to identify the area within Caboolture West in Moreton Bay as the perfect pilot site”.

“The area was identified as a major expansion area within the South East Queensland Regional Plan, and as a pilot, has land challenges typically found in SEQ”.

“The department is already working with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, Unitywater, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and land-owners on the initial stage and ongoing development of this area”.

“Working together on the pilot, we can test, evaluate and learn from a coordinated effort to plan for future housing needs,” Mr Miles said.

Mark Ryan, Member for Morayfield outlined that the Moreton Bay region had experienced significant growth in recent years.

“To support this pilot, the Queensland Government has awarded $10.5 million in loan funding from the Building Acceleration Fund to deliver water supply and sewerage networks and a sewerage pumping station

“The provision of water and sewerage will be instrumental in kickstarting the delivery of up to 3,000 new homes in in Caboolture West Neighbourhood Development Plan 1″.

“The site is expected to eventually provide approximately 30,000 homes for around 70,000 people,” Mr Ryan said.

Caboolture West Area [Zoomed In]
Peter Flannery, Mayor  of Moreton Bay Regional Council welcomed the announcement outlining that it is exactly what’s needed to boost land supply and support growth.

“Caboolture West will be the next big thing in southeast Queensland but we need to ensure we get the infrastructure and land use planning right before work starts, so I want to thank the Palaszczuk Government for their support for NDP1″.

“Caboolture West will ultimately be the size of a regional city; supporting 17,000 jobs and delivering many social benefits including new health and education centres, along with new sport and recreation facilities”.

“In NDP1 we are expecting to see a diverse range of housing options with walkable neighbourhoods, several local parks, a district scale sports facility, a primary school, local shopping facilities and at least 70 hectares of green space with pedestrian and cycle paths along the Caboolture River to ensure our newest residents will have a lifestyle to boast about”.

“Critical to the success of this project will be upgrades to roads, footpaths and cycleways in the area to support its growth, provide travel efficiencies for the existing communities that surround the NDP1 area and of course make this masterplanned community a desirable place to live,” Mayor Flannery said.

Amanda Creevey, Executive Manager for Unitywater outlined that the new water and sewerage infrastructure would provide essential services critical to creating healthy communities.

“We’re proud to have led the initiative to secure funding that will deliver essential infrastructure to a significant growth area in South East Queensland,” Ms Creevey said.

Tim Connolly, the spokesperson for the land-owners group outlined that it was encouraging to see all levels of government, utility providers and landowners collaborating to bring land to market sooner.

Rocksberg Master Plan – Caboolture West

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