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Buranda Village Redevelopment – Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba


A development application has been lodged for the redevelopment of the existing Buranda Village shopping centre, for a new mixed use village  development, located at 264 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba.

Named ‘Buranda Village’, the new masterplan seeks to redevelop the entire ‘island site’ removing all retail tenancies, supermarket and car parking  from the site to faciliate the redevelopment.

Designed by Lat27, Rothelowman and Hassell, the proposal seeks four (4) build-to-rent multiple dwelling towers, three (3) commercial towers to be used for centre activities, hotels and bars.

The proposal includes a ground floor plaza with retail, dining and entertainment tenancies that will provide a supermarket and an assortment of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. A landscapred public plaza and recreation spaces are also provided.

Development details
Liftstyle Precinct
Four build-to-rent multiple dwelling towers:
‒ Tower A1 being a 15 storey tower with 130 dwellings;
‒ Tower A2 being a 15 storey tower with 166 dwellings;
‒ Tower A3 being a 15 storey tower with 140 dwellings; and
‒ Tower A4 being a 15 storey tower with 191 dwellings.

Working Precint
Three commercial towers to be used for centre activities, hotels and bars:
‒ Tower C1 being a 10 storey building comprised of 12,384m2 of GFA
‒ Towers C2 & C3 each a 15 storey building with up to 45,000m2 of GFA

Open Space Areas
– The Depot (Ground Floor Plaza – 8,283.4sqm)
– The Terraces (Residental tower podium levels 1-5 – 4,480sqm) included are swimming pool , landscaped pool deck area, lawn spaces, seating nooks and barbeque areas.
– Landscaping (3,416.6sqm, with 1,298.7sqm public accessable).
– Pedestrian Links (Tottenham Street to Cornwall Street)

Design Statement – “Buranda village will be a new benchmark in mixed-use development that places healthy living at its heart, exemplifying the environment and experiences that make Brisbane one the world’s most liveable cities.”

Land Uses
The 7 new buildings and active ground floor plaza will provide for a mix of land uses across the site, which include:
– Multiple Dwelling
– Centre Activities
– Childcare Centre
– Club
– Community Care Centre
– Community Use
– Educational Establishment
– Food and Drink Outlets
– Function Facility
– Health Care Services
– Indoor Sport and Recreation
– Office
– Sales Office
– Shop
– Shopping Centre
– Short-term Accommodation
– Theatre
– Veterinary Services
– Hotels
– Bars
– Showroom (less than 1,500m2 GFA)

Operating Hours
Non-residential land uses between 6am-12am, seven days a week.
Service vehicle deliveries and collections between 7am-10pm.

Once approved the proposed masterplan designed by Rothelowman seeks to provide for up to seven (7) towers (mixed of residential and commercial, ranging from 10 – 15 storeys, supported by landscaping, public accessable plaza between the buildings located on the ground floor.

The 4 storey podium levels are indicated to contain showrooms, shops and retail as well as parking, with a maximum of 2 levels of basement provided across the 1.807 hectare site.

Stages of the Redevelopment
Lifestyle Precinct – Stage 1
– The building basement for 314 car parking spaces.
– Landscaped sub-tropical ground plane and pedestrian plaza
– Private laneway links  connecting Tottenham Street to Cornwall Street
– Retail, entertainment and dining activities at ground level
– Woolworths Supermarket (3,400sqm)
– Retail (3,310sqm) fronting the pedestrian access
– Office space located within the podium (2,330sqm)
– Four build-to-rent multiple dwelling towers (627 dwellings of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings)
– Four levels of podium parking (585 car parks and bike storage)
– Built-to-rent communal landscape podiums.

Working Precinct – Stage 2A
– Extent of basement car parking and ground plan
– Tower C1 (10 storeys and 12,384sqm of GFA)
– Hotels and bars
– Two levels of basements (‒ 3,310m2 of Lifestyle)
– Access connection to Stage 1 access

Working Precinct – Stage 2B
– Completion of the basement car parking and ground plan
– Construction Tower C2 (15 storeys and 27,000sqm of GFA)
– Construction Tower C3 (15 storeys and 18,000sqm of GFA)
– Hotels, bars and showroom tenancy
– Remainder of the two levels of basements and connection with Stage 2A
– 1,265 car parking spaces and 25 motorbike parking spaces

The planners at Urbis state, “Buranda Village shopping centre first opened in 1978. Since then, there have been only relatively minor modifications and refurbishments made to the existing shopping centre. The existing centre is now tired and dated and represents a poor quality architectural and urban design outcome in a visually prominent location along Ipswich Road”.

“The proposed development represents a once in a generation opportunity to revive and revitalise this existing centre into a world-class mixed use precinct with a highly activated ground plane and high quality urban design outcome.”

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 21 December 2021
– Council Reference: A005910673
– Address: 264 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba
– Zone: District Centre Zone
– Neighbourhood Plan: Eastern Corridor
– Planning Report: Urbis
– Architecture Drawings: Rothelowman and Hassell
– Landscape Drawings: Lat27

– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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